Sri Lanka has recently acknowledged esports as a sport. Such a milestone in the nation took great effort and contribution from gamers around the nation especially the Sri Lankan Esports Association (SLESA).

Sri Lanka Esports 08
Esports has become pretty popular in Sri Lanka recently

With the official recognition from the government, esports has now become one industry in Sri Lanka, attracting more sponsorship and investment from many popular organizations. Since then, the esports scene in Sri Lanka has boomed with lots of tournaments, ranging from established esports like PUBG Mobile, League of Legends to less-known games like Tekken 7, Clash Royale.

This November and December, Sri Lanka gamers will welcome a lot of actions and tournaments across multiple games.

Gamer.LK Clans Rainbow 6 League

Sri Lanka Esports 01
The Rainbow 6 Siege tournament has attracted a decent number of participants

Hosted by the popular Sri Lanka gamer website Gamer.LK, the Gamer.LK Clans Rainbow 6 League will be the first iteration of the League. The Rainbow 6 Siege online tournament has already attracted 32 squads in Sri Lanka to make a packed tournament schedule.

After the draw was concluded on November 04, the tournament will start on November 11 and play out every day till the grand finals on December 19.

Gamer.LK Clans Overwatch League

Sri Lanka Esports 03
The Overwatch tournament needs more teams to promote the game in Sri Lanka

The Overwatch tournament has received much less attention from the esports community in Sri Lanka. Though hosted and scheduled like the Rainbow 6 League, the Overwatch League only saw 6 teams on the list. As a result, the Overwatch League will pan out in a much shorter time span, from November 11 to November 23.

It seems like a premium esports like Overwatch has yet to establish a larger fanbase in Sri Lanka.

Gamer.LK Clans League of Legends League

Sri Lanka Esports 02
The League of Legends League has yet to attract more players to come out and play

As the 2019 League of Legends World Championship is entering the Grand Finals between G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix this weekend, Sri Lanka LoL fans can enjoy their own league by Gamer.LK. However, the MOBA esports also faces the same fate as the Overwatch League as they both suffer from a lack of player registration.

8 teams from across the country will battle it out in the League of Legends League from November 11 to November 23.

Mercantile Esports Championship

Sri Lanka Esports 04
Mercantile Esports Championship is the largest esports event in Sri Lanka

Renowned as the biggest corporate level sports event in Sri Lanka, the Mercantile Esports Championship will kick off this December 01. However, the Qualifiers are already set to take place this November 09-10.

Sri Lanka Esports 07
The Esports event attracted over 1,000 participants last year

The event will field a lot of competitions across multiple esports. Team game titles include Call of Duty 4, CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege, PUBG Mobile. These games will play out in the form of 5v5 with the only exception being PUBG Mobile consisting of 4 man squads.

Sri Lanka Esports 05
Team esports will include 6 popular games

The Mercantile Esports Championship also stages competitions for individual games like FIFA 19, Mortal Kombat XL, Fortnite, Tekken 7, Clash Royale, Need For Speed: MW. These games will be played out in the form of individual plays. Fortnite and Clash Royale players will play in solo mode instead of duos.

The organizer of the Mercantile Esports Championship will also host women exclusive tournaments for games like Mario Kart 8, Mortal Kombat XL, Need For Speed: MW. It would be quite thrilling to see female players competing in unconventional games for women like Mortal Kombat or Need For Speed. Who knows what women can do? One female Hearthstone player even defeated all men in the Hearthstone Major Championship to lift the trophy.

Sri Lanka Esports 06
It would be interesting to see women competing in these games in front of a large crowd

This would be a huge leap for esports in Sri Lanka. Would esports continue to grow fast and steady around the world?