One of the biggest signs of how far Esports has come in the past several years is the rise of online betting on Esports events. Before, Esports was watched by a niche audience and didn't receive much mainstream attention. Now, you can visit sportsbooks like Bet99 and see a large number of odds and markets on the biggest Esports tournaments and events.

Esports Bettors

There is much to learn for gamers who aren't into betting but want to start now that Esports wagering has taken off. One crucial consideration is the different features that sportsbooks offer. These are the betting site's unique, embedded aspects, and every operator has different ones. Let's look at some of the top features Esports bettors need to know about.

Live Betting

Live betting is a wagering feature that allows gamblers to place bets on sporting events already underway. Betting sites use an algorithm that updates odds according to what is happening live. In an Esports tournament, if one player goes on a big kill streak or one team makes a strategic mix-up, the odds will update accordingly. This is a fun feature because it allows bettors to get into the game live. They can place bets according to what they see in real-time, and the gambling doesn't have to stop as soon as the event starts.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a feature where bettors can watch events live directly from a sportsbook. This is something not every operator has, and when they do have it, they won't offer it for every sport or event. However, Esports is one of the most commonly live-streamed sports for betting sites to stream. This is because it is easier and less expensive for them to acquire the rights to these events. Watching the event you wagered on live from the betting site enhances your experience, and this feature is an excellent complement to live betting.

Promotions and Bonuses

Promotions and bonuses are a core part of what draws many people to online betting. Many operators will have many promotions and bonuses that rotate throughout the year. These are designed to reward bettors for taking certain actions, such as betting on an event, signing up and depositing, or creating extensive parlays. These bonuses can add significant additional winnings for bettors when used correctly. There are many websites that will have bonuses exclusive to Esports betting, so rewards bettors receive for wagering on games.

Mobile Betting

Another sign of how much betting has changed over the past few decades is the popularity of mobile betting. Now, many people around the world prefer wagering on their smartphones, as opposed to their computers, something which would've been impossible only a decade or two prior. For Esports enthusiasts who are looking to get started with mobile betting, there are many betting sites that provide a mobile app to their users. Bettors can download an app and wager from their phones on the biggest Esports tournaments. Other sportsbooks don't have apps but have websites that are designed to function effectively on mobile browsers on users' phones.

Parlays and Bet Builders

One of the most prominent ways to bet that Esports enthusiasts should be aware of is parlays and bet builders. This is a form of gambling where bettors tie multiple outcomes into one single bet, with each outcome within the bet needing to hit for the bet to cash. These parlays pay out very high but are risky. And with the bet builder feature that sportsbooks have developed, bettors can make highly customized parlays that cover just one event or multiple. With Esports bet builders, gamblers can have a more personalized experience and potentially craft bets with massive winnings.