The famous international esports organization G2 Esports just announced their comeback to the competitive scene of the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) with a totally new roster. After dissolving their previous roster a month ago, G2 acquired the new roster from PENTA Esports. The line-up is listed below

  • Alexander “Caint” Syukrin
  • Christian “Itzz_ChrizZ” Blank
  • Magnus “udyRR” Hartmann
  • Rene “Braexco” Rehling

The new #G2ARMY will be competing in the next PUBG Europe League (PEL), hosted and run StarLadder. This championship will last the whole year long with three parts, and its prize pool is up to €1,000,000 (about 81,300,755 RP)

The joy was undeniable in Alexander “Caint” Syukrin’s answer in the G2’s announcement. He said it was an honor of his to join and play for a big team as G2. He promised the team would try their best every day, every match to reach and keep the top seat of the board, and later on, qualify to the Global Events.

The confidence was also shown by G2 CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez. He implied that G2 was having the chance to build this team – the first full German roster – into the best PUGB team in the world. If this quick and decisive action of G2 pays off, they will prove that the great local talents in EU can shine brightly. We can also see this confidence in the tweet of G2.

In the situation where we see a lot of on and off from famous professional PUBG teams in NA, the decision to strongly come back of G2 is truly a necessary boost for the PUBG Esports community.

While waiting for the PEL, which will begin in no time, why don’t you check out the new guys of G2, find out who they are, maybe following them if you like.