Well, 2019 has nearly ended and it was a fruitful year for Indian gaming streamers. The Year of 2019 gave birth to emerging talents and streamers. Many of them now plan to take gaming as a profession while many would opt it for passion and fun. Overall, it has been a year to cherish moments with fans and loved ones. GuruGamer correspondent spoke to Indian streamers to know the way they plan to celebrate New Year and their New Year resolutions.

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Rishab Karanwal

Rishab Karanwal aka Raka took a major decision in 2019 when he chose to submit his resignation papers. He will take full-time game streaming to enhance the growth of his YouTube channel RakaZone Gaming. With 271k subscribers, he is known to be one of the modest streamers in the Indian gaming scenario. Talking about his New Year plans he says, "I have been celebrating New Year with my family. I usually go out to a movie or dinner with them."

Rishab Karanwal - Rakazone Gaming

Working with a private firm leaves one with less personal time but in 2020, Rishab's New Year resolution would be to have a set workout regime. When asked what does he expects from his audience in 2020, he says, "I expect a more mature audience which will appreciate efforts of content creators playing different games rather than just a couple of popular games."

Gagandeep Singh 

Gagandeep Singh aka Sikhwarrior is all set to tie the knot with his love of life. Talking about his New Year plans, he will be spending his time with family and in-laws. But will be stream at midnight for his fans and subscribers. He is already a full-time streamer with a strong subscriber base of 112k on his YouTube channel Sikhwarrior.

Gagandeep Singh

His new Year resolution is to balance his personal and gaming life. He wants people around him to be happy with his daily routine so that he can spend quality time with them. When asked what does he expect in 2020, he says, "I expect more people to love PC and console games. Gaming developers will be coming out with more exciting and fun games next year and we can create more interesting content. Let's see what 2020 has in its store for me. I hope people will spam less and talk more during live streams. I feel there will be fewer people asking for shoutouts in 2020."

Ankkita C

Mumbai based gaming streamer, Ankkita Chauhan streams via her YouTube channel Ankkita C. With a strong subscriber base of 152k subscribers, she expects an increase in the number of streamers and the live audience by 2020. She believes that the New Year will be more positive in terms of live audience behavior.


When asked about her New Year plans, she says, "I actually have no plans yet but I will either go relax with some friends or will live stream like previous year." However, Ankkita does not believe in keeping New Year's resolutions anymore. When asked about her expectations from 2020, she said, "I expect there to be an increase in the number of streamers and the number of people watching. Not just for me but overall on YouTube. As time passes more and more people will get engaged in gaming and there will be an increase in audience base."

Talking about audience behavior, she said, "I have actually seen a change in my own audience over the year. There are very fewer people who come to spread negativity compared to the people who are there to support you. And I think as we grow into better people, they're growing with us too."

Salman Ahmad

Salman Ahmad aka Mamba is growing steadily in the Indian gaming scene. His YouTube channel 8bit MAMBA has over 133k subscribers. Talking about his experience in 2019, he says, "I never expected 2019 would bring so much in my life. So I am pretty much excited and looking forward to 2020." Talking about his New Year plans he said, "As now I have a big and lovely audience, I would want to celebrate my New Year with them, as most of them might not be going out to celebrate."

Salman Ahmad

Talking about his plans for 2020, he says that his YouTube channel is currently focused on gaming plus entertainment, he wants to try his hands on new games rather than only focusing on PUBG Mobile. When asked about his New Year resolution, he said, "New Year Resolutions are mostly easier to make but are often forgotten as one progresses into the year. But this year I will keep my head up and straight in making my crowd engaging platform a healthy and entertaining one so that people from all age groups might get to enjoy the content."

Indian audience can be nasty and brutal while trolling streamers to which Salman says, "The year 2019, changed the face of YouTube for the Indian audience and saw an emergence of many solid live streamers and content creators, so I don't blame the audience on how they used to behave and react to situations. But the brighter side is that the audience is also learning along with the content creators in making a healthy environment on live streams and they are literally helping and showing changes as well. So, in a nutshell, I really am looking forward to 2020 to grow more and into receiving unexpected love from the audience at a much faster pace."