The Fall season of PUBG Mobile’s largest global tournament of the year has just ended on December 1. This year is a historical landmark for both the game and mobile esports in general, with PUBG Mobile getting globally recognized as a mobile esports title. The reason behind PUBG Mobile’s immediate success is largely caused by the original fanbase for the PC version, along with its incredible core gameplay. To date, the game has attracted about six hundred million downloads.

Total Statistics for the Fall Split of PMCO

Tencent and PUBG Corps. have been doing pretty well to sow the seeds to create a sustainable Esports scene for the game so that players and viewers all across the world could participate reliably. 2019 is definitely a major milestone for PUBG Mobile – the year it managed to establish itself as an Esports. In 2020, PUBG Mobile is going to grow even more, with yet a new tier of the competition announced. The prize pool for the global tournaments is double as well, from 2.5 million to 5 million.

While the growth of PUBG Mobile has definitely been great, however, there have been factors unaccounted for such as the debut of various competitors. Below is a comparison between the Spring and Fall season.

Despite various advantages that the fall season has over its predecessor, it did worse in all metrics, including peak viewership, average views and watch time.

Amongst all the Market, South and Southeast Asia continue to be the strongest supporters of the game. In contrast, the Western streams fail to catch any attention and the South American streams saw a heavy dip in numbers.

Indian’s Hindi stream continues to be amongst the biggest at 230K + million viewers, however, it had experienced a slight dip in number. There could be various explanations for the drop, as Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire has been chipping down on PUBG Mobile’s player base. But the main reason is likely to be different, as November is the month in which PUBG Mobile's main player base, students, was preparing for final exams.

Day 3 1
Bigetron's victory has boosted the numbers for the Indonesian stream massively

The next season, 2020, would definitely be an interesting one, as PUBG Mobile’s esports structure is now streamlined. Various regional tournaments and qualifiers would lead to the global stages, and with more funding, the quality of the programs would increase, which in turn keeping the audiences focused on the game.

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