Normally, Clash of Clans's events are held at the ESL studio in Katowice. But due to the coronavirus this year, tournaments have to take place online to maintain social distancing. The organizers need to keep strict rules and regulations to maintain fairness in online competitions.

The Clash of Clan has to take place online to maintain social distancing

There are 5 groups in the Clash of Clan World Championship. Teams from these groups will compete with each other to be in the grand finals. Teams will play against each other in a double-elimination format.

There are 2 Indian teams who made it to the playoff of the Clash of Clan World Championship, Team Indian Clashers and Team Dark Tangent Esports. Team Indian Clashers won team Tribe Gaming. Team Dark Tangent Esports unfortunately disconnected while playing and their camera went offline. The rule of the tournament requires teams to keep their camera on all the time to prevent cheating so Team Dark Tangent Esports was disqualified from the Championship.

Team Dark Tangent Esports was disqualified because of a connection issue

The Indian Clash of Clan community thinks that the decision was unfair for Team Dark Tangent Esports as the punishment was too harsh and the team was leading the score by a lot. It is not too uncommon for an issue such as disconnecting to happen in an online tournament. Not everyone can access a stable connection all the time so the organizer should look into these situations more carefully than just disqualifying teams.

Team Dark Tangent Esports also state their opinion about this matter on their Twitter.

Don't you guys have the decency to dicuss with our players before disqualifying us . HAve some tranparency before destroying our careers. We have proofs.

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