Christmas is coming to town, and for gamers in India, DreamHack’s first Asian event is pretty much of an early Christmas for them. The event will start on December 21st and last for 3 days, ending exactly two days prior to Christmas. However, due to the change of the rule, not everyone will get to enjoy this event.

Dreamhack Mumbai
DreamHack is the biggest event to lots of gamer

Heading to the DreamHack event, the top teams all hope to get the chance to go head to head with Tier-1 teams. Before being able to do that, they have to go through a qualification process, which may be tough for some teams. This news has been confirmed in the latest announcement, and the team will be evaluated through BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer).

This year, despite being the home team, Indian pro teams did not get the privilege to be invited to DreamHack Party. Regardless of the level: casual, semi-professional or professional, they all have to get permission from BYOC to be able to compete at DreamHack Invitational Mumbai. If you are not gamers, you can enjoy the comedies and the EDM concerts. Tickets for the audiences are available online. To register, follow this link: BookMyShow.

dsn & Mineski are the only two global guests that are announced. The event is expected to enhance the notice towards the esports industry in Indian.

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There are more than just games in the event

DreamHack is seen as the world’s biggest event regarding the gaming industry. It had been held over 20 years ago, in 1994 in Sweden. This year, the event features a lot of trending games such as Age of Empires, Dota 2, PubG, Call of Duty, Command and Conquer, CS Go and StarCraft. This year’s event will be held at Goregaon Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India, marking its first time being held in Asia.