has officially launched. Follow multiple esports matches in one place. Stream the games you want with your favourite streaming site and follow the rest on
Launched initially with CSGO, LOL, Dota2, FIFA, NBA2K, Starcraft and Overwatch, Livescore will soon be adding live score tracking for PUBG, COD, Rainbow 6, Rocket League and Valorant.

Livescore Gg has officially launched.

Although gamers love streaming, with multiple matches taking place at the same time, across tournaments, leagues and esports, it was difficult to follow multiple games at once. This is what was created for. You can now get a quick snapshot of the current status and score in multiple games at the same time. Then drill down into the game you want to know more about.

Livescore Gg Csgo
CSGO Live Scores

Along with esports live scores, get in-match metrics like average team ratings, player performance, as well as historical head2head match data.

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