The early hours of the morning can give you the most provoking thoughts. The famous League of Legends (LoL) professional ADC Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng has just experienced that. He went to Twitter at 3:51 am CT timezone to tweet his complaints about the Mountain Drake (an in-game objective for both teams to gain) in LoL. According to this professional ADC, the buff gained from Mountain Drake is “game-breaking in competitive.”

There are 4 types of Drakes in LoL, and each gives your team a unique type of buff if your team kill them. The Infernal Drake gives your team bonus attack damage and ability power. The Cloud Drake gives your team increased movement speed (more when out of combat). The Ocean Drake provides increased health and mana regeneration.

Lol Elemental Drakes
4 type of drakes in LoL: Inferno, Mountain, Ocean and Cloud drakes

But the Mountain Drake is different. Instead of providing a direct stats buff like the other dragons, this one gives teams increased damage to towers and epic monsters. And this is where the complaint raised.

In a competitive game, big objectives (turrets, Baron, and the Elder Drake) are the main focuses since they are game ending features. Having 1 or 2 Mountain Drake buffs means your team can speed up everything that ultimately decides the game. Many other pros and famous streamers have agreed with Doublelift on this.

And this time, Riot Games seemed to be listening in on the discussion surrounding LoL dragon system. As a result of Doublelift’s tweet, a staff of Riot Games Nathan “Blaustoise” Blau responded with a 10-part tweet on possible changes Riot could make to the dragons.

Ixpidfkn 400x400
Nathan “Blaustoise” Blau

Below is the full script of the series of 10 tweets from Nathan “Blaustoise” Blau:

Screenshot 6
Good words between Doublelift and Blaustoise after all the tweets went viral

In the end, Nathan “Blaustoise” Blau himself admitted that he prefered a combination of option one and two because these changes can potentially create the pathway allowing for more strategic planning around important objectives. Although these changes may sound great, it will take a long time for them to be applied to the game. So don’t count on any changes in the dragon system of LoL just yet.