ECS season 7 week 4 North America

The Brazilian CS:GO powerhouse MIBR, famously known for their run with Luminosity and SK Gaming in 2016-2017, has gained back their high performance. They defeated Liquid 2-0 to bring home $12,000, securing the top spot in the earning of ECS Season 7 North America apart from the other two champions NRG Esports and Furia esports.

In the league, the champions of the first 3 weeks event will get a direct slot to play in the final. Rogue Gaming win the first-week championship but they disbanded no longer after that. The spot for Finals went directly to compLexity Gaming. One more slot will be available for the team with the highest earning. MIBR now has a really high chance to earn the spot considering the only week left for teams to compete.

Mibr Got Back
Current standings

MIBR kicked off the day with the match against team Liquid on Mirage, the map pick of the Brazilian side as Terrorist. They got off on the right foot with a 7-1 lead before trading rounds with team Liquid. The first half ended with 10-5 in favor of coldzera and Co. Team Liquid struggled to find success in the second half as T-side, only scoring another round and accepted defeat 6-16 to MIBR.

Mibr Coldzera
coldzera had a good day

Vertigo saw more of back and forth between the two teams as they traded rounds to claim advantages in the map. Most of the action was happening on the A site, where Liquid as the CT side constantly tried to deny rounds from MIBR with utilities. Liquid won first piston round and the anti-eco but started to fall apart when the Brazilian got a decent economy. Trying to take back the match, Liquid ended the first half with a decent 7 round scoreline. Liquid tried to come back after the first half with the pistol round. However, the sturdy defense MIBR put up was a real nuisance to overcome.

Mibr Got Back 02
The "shampoo god" Twistzz didn't find his right form today

Liquid tried to get back in the game after the break, but any round they won was immediately countered with a round by the stubborn Brazilians. Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo stepped up as CT-side, impressing his fans first with a triple kill with a Desert Eagle, then with an AWP ace in a 1v3 clutch situation, inspiring his team to secure a 16-11 victory.