The famous Brazilian player, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo has showcased his Youtube gold play button in his Twitter post.

Fallen Youtube 01
The MIBR IGL expressed his thanks to fans around the world for their supports

"Thanks, my people, an immense pleasure to be able to bring joy, entertainment, to bring you closer to our work and to share a lot of knowledge. Thank you!"

FalleN, the famous IGL of MIBR, is well known for his contribution to the CS:GO community, especially in Brazil. Earlier this 2019, he announced a stream session to raise fund for Bravado, an African side with promising talents when they got into trouble when coming to North America area to establish themselves as a professional team. The South African side climbed up high in the ranking ladder since their move to North America, at the beginning of 2018, topping at 25th that time. With FalleN's help, Bravado quickly gained attention and financial support from the community.

In the history of CS:GO, the responsive Brazilian star has won the heart of many fans around the world. He appeared in many recreational shows as "bad FalleN", and did stuff to cheer up the audience. Most recently, he was featured in the showmatch in IEM Sydney, team UK vs team Australia while wearing sunglasses to give hype to the crowd. He also jumped off the map Vertigo in an impossible situation 1 vs 5 to live up to his name, "FalleN".

Fallen Youtube 02
The bad FalleN has "fallen"

His channel, fallenINSIDER, was created on Oct 11, 2011, mainly providing videos of CS:GO, his own highlights, as well as many tutorials and tricks in the game. The channel also features a good deal of memes and fun moments with FalleN wearing the infamous sunglasses. The channel reached more than 1 million subscribers recently with more than 100 million views from around the world. Unfortunately, his Youtube account and videos are not in English for international fans. Luckily we can access his videos with the help of subtitles.