Although he did not win as much title as he should have earned last year and his Natus Vincere team fell far right behind the leading team Astralis, the CS: GO superstar from Ukraine has been given the title of the top 1st player in worldwide in the season of 2018.

S1mple Starladder Starseries Csgo Keyboard Navi Na

S1mple’s brilliant play style has developed into 2019, which mainly contributed to a win at Season 7 StarSeries i-League and Navi’s current third place at IEM Katowice. However, the highlight of these feats must be s1mple’s skill to keep his top tier individual excellence.

While it is only the beginning of the 2019 season, s1mple has scored a 29 map streak which earns himself a +1 rating from HLTV. The 1.0 rating of HLTV combines a variety of distinct stats that qualifies a player’s performance, and the 1.0 is the average number that one player can simply jump above or fall below.

Natus Vincere Navi Starseries Shanghai Win Trophy

The digger you find yourself looking into the stats the more ambiguous it becomes. However, to simplify thing, s1mple has kept on breaking his record-breaking since 2016 with 16 maps and a +1, continue his 2017 season with 24 consecutive maps. Last year, he broke his own record with 28 maps with a good rating.

It is quite a show s1mple has been putting on by breaking his own records, however, it still a long way to go from breaking the legendary record of 53 consecutive maps with a good rating which was made by Patrik ‘f0rest’ Lindberg from Ninja in Pyjamas.

S1mple Hltv 1 0 Rating 29 Match Streak

It is no doubt that s1mple stats are stunning and his highlight performance, however, it won’t be easy for s1mple to solo carry NaVi to success. The Ukrainian superstar has revealed the team’s plan to improve things by introducing psychologists and diet doctors. However, they still might need something more than that to challenge the Astralis at the top of CS: GO food chain.