The AD Carry from team Liquid, more well known with the name “Doublelift” went to a Twitch stream yesterday. During that stream, he has called our for Yoon-Seop "Locodoco”, a former teammate.

On Stream Doublelift Said That Locodoco Just Not G
Doublelift 2019

During that stream, Doublelift has said that he doesn't think Locodoco smart. Doublelift also said that Locodoco started out if as he is very smart but he simply doesn't have the skills to prove his ego. He was fired because of that very reason.

The background story

This comment comes after the criticism of Locodoco on the performance of Doublelift during the LOL Championship Series. Locodoco has mentioned that Jo Yong-In "CoreJJ", the Korean Support was carrying the side lane. He also said the whole Liquid Team has a boring and slow playstyle was because of the sloppiness of Doublelift.

On Stream Doublelift Said That Locodoco Just Not G
Locodoco's show

However, despite the opinion of Locodoco, Team Liquid still remain in the first place and still on good momentum. Still, Locodoco maintains his criticism. Not only that he is also very vocal about his opinion on his show " Listen Loco", a YouTube series. On his show, there is also his co-host and esport expert Duncan Shields “Thorin”. They have been talking about the downward trend of Doublelift's performance recently.

Those criticisms don't sit too well with Doublelift, especially all those harsh words on Twitch. He and Locodoco were once teammates for a while on CLG, but they all left the team on bad terms. The two used to be good friends, then after playing together in 2012, their relationship turned sour since then.

Their times in CLG

On Stream Doublelift Said That Locodoco Just Not G
Their time in CLG

Back in the time in CLG, Locodoco was promised with to top or mid position. However, he was assigned to supporting role that is why he rebelled and kept on playing Irelia by solo. That incident is what irritated Doublelift and made their relationship sour.

CLG played against Liquid later yesterday, and Doblelift has secured his 11th win for the 2019 Spring Split. Liquid played later yesterday against CLG, where he has secured his 11th win of the 2019 LCS Spring Split.

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