Assault rifle is the top choice for every player in PUBG. Assault rifle can be both effective for long-range and close-range combat with a wide range of option. But sometimes, when you have a few options available, you might wonder which gun you should choose to stick with till the end of the game to win the chicken dinner. These are the best guns that you should opt for when you have to come to a decision.

The Groza

The Groza is definitely the best rife in the game which also is the reason why you can only get it from crates randomly. Due to the reason that you won't get a chance to get your hand this weapon very often, this one will be left out of this list.


Fourth place - M416

M416 is the favorite guns of many players because of the high appear rate and the auto-fire mode. It shoots 5.56 ammo like M16A4 and SCRA-L with a mediocre bullet speed and fire rate of 880 and 0.086. Although it's in the fourth place of this list, it's still a very solid weapon.

Pubg Weapon M416 1

Third place - M16A4

This gun was nerfed into the burst-fire mode in the past because it was too powerful in the auto-fire mode. The M16A4 has the fastest bullet speed out of all assault rifles which is why it's in the third place. People prefer using this weapon as a sniper in single fire than a close-range weapon.

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Second place - SCAR-L

Holding the second-place is the SCAR-L. It uses standard 5.56 like the other two with the slowest bullet out of all 3 weapons. But its firing rate compensates for its drawback. The slower fire rate results in less recoil, making it easier to use for the average player.


First place - AKM

AKM is considered the best assault rifle for one reason only, its damage. Although it has a slow fire rate with a short effective range. It's deal the same amount of damage as the Groza and a very common weapon in all maps. The 7.62 ammo was also used for powerful snipers like Kar98 or M24, so it very convenient to have to keep only 1 type of ammo in your backpack.

Shroud Gun