PUBG Mobile players from around India have been furious over the unfair In-Game Qualifiers of the PUBG Mobile India Series. Many teams who have a very high kills average actually failed to be qualified for the next stage. Even such a famous team like 8Bit also wasn't qualified with 37 kills on average. Players everywhere have been calling the PMIS a scam on social media such as Twitter and Instagram and the situation is only getting worse for the tournament.

8 Bit Thug
8Bit Thug expresses his anger about the incident

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PMIS response to players' feedback

Just now, PMIS organizers have made an official announcement on their Instagram to respond to this incident. In the announcement, they state that the number of qualifying teams will be increased by 4 times from 248 teams to 992 teams along with a change in the format to fit the number of teams. The list of qualified teams and the changes in format will be announced soon.

PMIS organizers responses to the In-Game Qualifiers controversy on their Instagram

This is truly great news for everyone. Such a huge mistake in such a big PUBG Moblie tournament like the PMIS can be really damaging for their reputation. However, the organizers have made the right move to listen to the voice of players around India and fix the problem. While their solution is not perfect, it shows that they do care about the opinion of the community and try to do the right thing.

PMIS Online Qualifiers Date

The date of the PMIS Online Qualifiers was also revealed to be on June 17, 3 days after the end of the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia, and is expected to be going on for 5 days. Matches will be live-streamed on the official PUBG Mobile India YouTube channel.

Pmis 1
The PMIS Online Qualifiers was also revealed to be on June 17

However, this announcement actually came before the announcement about the changes in numbers of teams and format so it might not be correct anymore.

The PUBG Mobile India Series is one of the most awaited PUBG Mobile tournament in India. It was one of the first huge PUBG Mobile tournaments in Indian, which helped set up the foundation for the Indian PUBG Mobile esports scene back in the days. Team SouL was the winner of the first PUBG Mobile India Series tournament and everyone is thrilled to see they repeat the history this time.