The PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 has officially announced the result of the In-Game Qualifiers through emails to all teams on June 5.

Before the results were officially announced, teams have been receiving a lot of fake emails about their results and it caused lots of confusion. But now, when all teams have received their official results, it was no different than receiving the fake results. Somehow the best teams were the ones who didn't make it further.

Pmis Resuls 1
The results of the PMIS In-Game Qualifiers were announced on June 5

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One team even got 43.6 kills on average and still did not qualified. Lots of players are getting more frustrated now and are expressing all their frustrations all over the PUBG Mobile India discord channel as well as other social media such as Instagram and Twitter.

Not only small teams but even a famous team such as 8Bit also encounter this problem. Team 8Bit hit an average of 37+ kills and did not qualified for the next round of the PMIS 2020. Meanwhile, teams who have less kills still got the invitation email.

For example, SouL. Sangwan joined the PMIS, but with another lineup called Element eSports. They hit an average of 36+ kills and qualified for the next stage.

Pmis Resuls
Players show their frustration on social meida
Pmis Results
Team 8Bit failed the In-Game Qualifiers even though they got 37+ kills on average

8Bit Thug got so mad because of this incident that he even posted multiple stories on his Instagram to slam the PMIS organizers.

8Bit Thug expresses his anger about the unfair result of the PMIS 2020 In-Game Qualifiers

Apparently, there are some hidden criteria to be qualified for the PMIS 2020 that nobody knows about apart from the organizers. It seems that they have no intention to change this result at all and will just go with it. But at the very least, the organizers should reveal how they pick teams so everyone can understand their decision.

The Discord server of qualified teams got leaked and the organizers had to create a new one.

For the teams who have been qualified and have received an email with an invalid Discord server link, rest assured, the server link was revoked. You will receive another email very soon. Follow the instructions given in the new email; you will be told to fill up a form and will be contacted via Phone call or Whatsapp for verification. After that, you will receive the Discord server invite.