We have heard that our favorite title – PUBG Mobile – is no longer available in China. Tencent – the publisher of this mobile game – had to cancel its baby in its home country and replace it with Game For Peace. Technically speaking, Game For Peace is PUBG Mobile, but the new title does not have any violent features at all. There is no blood in Game For Peace because the game sets up its background as a military training campaign.

If you guys think that this game might not be successful because there is no violent features in it, then we have some news that might make you reconsider. Tencent has just announced a huge tournament for Game For Peace. This tournament has been carefully constructed so that it can run all year long. This can happen because this tournament will feature three different tiers:

  • PEN - the Peacekeeper Elite New-power
  • PEL – the Peacekeeper Elite League
  • PEC – the Peacekeeper Elite Championship

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Game For Peace has a lot of players in China, although it is not a famous game in other countries

Among these three tiers, PEN will be the lowest tier of the tournament. When a season ends, the top teams of PEN will be promoted to PEL, and the lowest team of PEL will also be demoted to PEN. The first PEL has already begun in Xi’an city, China. This first PEL has kicked off since October 31st this year, and it will have three phases

  • Qualifiers phase: Two groups, 25 teams in each group. Twenty-five teams in a group will compete with each other to rank. The ten weakest teams will be eliminated from each group.
  • Knockout: Three groups, ten teams in each group. Ten teams in a group will again compete with each other to rank. The five weakest teams will be eliminated from each group.
  • Finals: The remaining 15 teams will directly compete with each other to determine the three best teams. These three best teams will be promoted directly to PEC

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Huge tournament for Game For Peace for pro gamers can have income from this game all year long

In PEC, there will be 15 teams each season. Three best teams from PEL will take the places of three weakest teams in PEC in the previous season. PEC this year will take place on December 28th and December 29th.