After all the dispute around PUBG Mobile in China, Tencent made a friendlier version of PUBG Mobile and renamed it to Game For Peace. While people were laughing about it on the internet, it has become a big hit in China and brought the company millions of dollars. And now, the game is getting the first tournament at the end of this month.

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Instead of dying, players will wave their hand and goodbye

Tencent has recently announced the first tournament for Game For Peace called Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitational. The tournament will be held in Shanghai, China on August, 31. 25 professional teams from all around the world will be gathering here to compete with each other across 6 games. Unlike other PUBG Mobile tournament format, four games will be played in third-person perspective on Erangel and two games will be played in first-person perspective on Miramar.

Game For Peace is getting a big tournament at the end of this month, featuring top PUBG Mobile teams

15 squads have been qualified for the tournament through platform qualifiers held by many sponsors such as Douyu and Kuaishou. 10 other teams are the top PUBG Mobile teams from the PMCO Global Finals including RRQ Athena, ILLUMINATE The Murder, Evos Esports, Evos Esports, Spacestation Gaming, BRK Gaming, Deformia Meditari 99, Elite Esports, X-Quest F and the Grand Champion TOP Esports.

Currently, there is no information concerning the prize pool yet, but we will continue to update you as soon as possible.

Zombies will be controlled by real players in Infection mode

In other news, PUBG Mobile just got the 0.14.0 update, bringing players a new zombie mode called Infection Mode. In this Infection Mode, players will be divided into 2 sides: Zombie and Defender. Zombies win if they can infect all Defenders and Defenders win if they can kill all the Zombies or outlast them until the match ends.