South Korea, being undoubtedly one of those countries that are very serious regarding its esports industry. Their overall esports position among countries is also very spot on as their professional scenes are well developed. In fact, many of the players from the Overwatch League is from South Korea. All and all, it comes as no surprise that the country is in the lead in esports, especially with all those PC Bangs and amazing internet.

The government of South Korea is now really close to illegalize boosting services to make a profit. The law regarding gaming scene released in June last year did state its prohibition against boosting for profit purposes. Such behaviors or cases caught could potentially lead to a ban or a serious fine of 20 million won. Here is a definition of proxy gaming. It is an act to interfere with the game' normal operation by providing or arranging a service to acquire a particular score or in-game performance that the game business operator does not approve.

South Korean Players
South Korea is undoubtedly one of the most dominant countries regarding eSports

Boosting services are very familiar among esports community

In the past months, boosting acts have become popular in South Korea and is still gaining momentum in the present. As a matter of fact, many professional players did admit to boost history in their past, which implies that this problem is actually something quite serious. However, for players in the western regions, they do have a hard time understanding the issue. They conceive that boosting is not a serious crime even according to top professionals. However, in the Korean culture, boosting can sometimes be even worse than in-game cheating.

The bill will take effect 6 months after the law’ passing on July 7, according to’ earlier report. Hence, it should be active soon enough in Q1 next year. For authorities, they can take measures against many boosting ads across multiple ongoing channels. For players, they should know what’s not to do to ensure a clean esports community.

Riot Games to have a positive reaction towards the announcement

Riot Games really welcomed this move from the authorities as the famous gaming developer is also attempting to get rid of boosting.

In the past, Riot Games has already made legal actions regarding boosting acts. Nonetheless, those actions are quite rare and somehow costly. In the past, without legal laws, to take action against the boosters was a long and exhausting process. However, now with the effect of the new law, authorities will have no difficulties cracking down such organizations and individuals. Considering that the esports profession in Korea is receiving more and more appreciation and interests, we could say that the enforcement of this law comes in perfect timing.

Oge Overwatch
OGE has apologized for boosting services in the past.

It’s not hard to name some of the professionals who have involved in boosting and widely known in public: XiaoWeiXiao, from Team Impulse competing in Leagues as well as Dallas Fuel’s OGE from Overwatch.

Riot Games first suspended and later banned XiaoWeiXiao for a fixed time.

A Further process to finalize the bill

Initially, 10 members from the National Assembly with Dong Sang-sup being the leader launched the amendment in June 2017. The Bill numbered 2007327 has the name ‘Law On Game Business Development’. It will need to pass through other parliamentary votes like Sports, Culture, Tourism Committee as well as the Legislation and Judiciary Committee on December 30th before being able to go live. Once the process is finished, it should clearly improve the pro scene of South Korea. The country will then have a much more competent, suitable and fair gaming environment. South Korea once again becomes the leader in esports by having serious rules and regulations for a better playing arena.