In the recent Capcom Pro Tour’s Asia Premier Tokyo Game Show 2019, Yusuke Momochi has claimed his second champion title this year with 5 million Japanese Yen (₹33.2 LAKH) in prize money in Street Fighter V. However, what he actually took home was just a tiny bit of what he actually won. It would be 1.2 percentage of what he should have received as a pro Esports player.

Street Fighter Champion 01
Yusuke Momochi takes home the cup, but not a full part of his prize money

Yusuke Momochi is one of the most prominent fighting game players of all time since 2007. His main expertise is Street Fighter where he managed to defeat over 1000 competitors in the game and earned 1000 ranking points. However, the amount of money he takes home seems underwhelming as opposed to ranking points.

Street Fighter Champion 03
The ex-member of EG squad has won another tier tournament this year

Heavy restriction from the government

The Japanese government has long imposed harsh restrictions on competitive gaming. Weird as it may seem, they consider competitive gaming a form of gambling and put a limit to what an Esports athlete can take home. Unfortunately, the maximum amount of money one can take home after a tournament is incredibly low at 100,000 Japanese yen (₹66,455).

Street Fighter Champion 04
Though Street Fighter is extremely popular in Japan, the government here still consider competitive gaming a form of gambling

However, what Yusuke Momochi received was even lower. During his first Twitch stream after the tournament, he revealed that he would be taking home only 60,200 yen (₹40,000). The information has yet to be confirmed from Capcom. If everything is true, that is an incredibly low reward for all his effort in the tournament.

Street Fighter Champion 05
Momochi is still content with what he has received so far

However, as Yusuke Momochi touched more on the topic, he said that he was content with what he has done so far. Momochi would continue to pursue his career as a fighting Esports player even if the reward is still that low.