Did you feel interested in the Street Fighter V when it released, but still hesitate to claim a copy due to some cranky reviews?

Well, this might be your best chance to try the game before buying it! Capcom is deciding to give you a free trial to stir things up a little before coming to EVO 2019.

If you somehow haven't heard of the game yet, watch this trailer to see the most epic fights of the most epic characters:

Street Fighter V provides a free run!

If you haven't heard of EVO 2019, it's basically a festival of only fighting games. It has attracted a lot of epic fighting titles out there, such as Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, Soulcalibur 6, DragonBall Fighter Z and many more.

And Street Fighter V cannot afford to skip such events. It's a great way to gain more coverage on the media, and no one wants to miss such a great opportunity. Hence, to prime up for this event, Capcom has provided fighting aficionados with a free head-start!

Street Fighter V Will Become Free To Play Before E
Capcom is providing some contents of Street Fighter V for free!

On the game's official Twitter account, Capcom has announced that they will provide a free trial of Street Fighter V. The announcement comes with a video on which will be in this trial:

To be more specific, PS4 and PC users will be able to download Street Fighter V for absolutely no expense. PS4 users can claim their copies on PSN, and PC gamers can find it on Steam. With this free copy, you'll have chances to test your skills with the entire base game's roster - consisting of 16 characters. Furthermore, all 6 additional characters from the Season 3 DLC also show their face in this version.

Totally, you can try the game with 22 characters!

Street Fighter V Will Become Free To Play Before E
If 22 characters are not enough for you, why don't you join EVO 2019 to test for more?

To remind you, the Season 3 characters was the most highly-appreciated ones among all additional characters. That's why this free trial is not just a meh - but a very generous step from Capcom!

Here's the list of all 22 characters that you can play:

Street Fighter V
22 playable characters in this free trial

It only lasts for 10 days, so be quick!

This Street Fighter V's free trial will only last for a week. Specifically, PS4 and PC users can grab this version from August 1 (which is tomorrow) to August 11.

Street Fighter V Will Become Free To Play Before E
This trials only last for a limited time.

And don't be afraid that your achievement in this trial will get lost. Even after this event ends, you can still get your data back just by purchasing the full version of the game.

Street Fighter V Will Become Free To Play Before E
All your achievements with this trial will be brought to the full version

With that, I see no reasons not to dive in the street battles right now!