A decade ago, the word 'esports' was a strange concept for almost everyone. The idea that millions would be ready to watch other people playing computer games was laughed by almost everyone at that time.

However, the time has changed. In the last couple of years, the esports industry has witnessed a massively huge increase in term of monetary value and audiences. And when you have good sports, you have the betting followed. How about taking a look at the estimated esports and esports betting in 2019?


According to researches by NJ Games, betting on esports is expected to grow to $12.9m by the end of 2019. Can you imagine just three years ago, the number was only half of that?

Also, NJ Games estimates that audience numbers will hit 380m in 2019 – a 14% increase in comparison with 2018’s numbers. These kinds of statistics make the esports industry become a fruitful ground for both offline and online betting.

Not only is betting on esports, but players’ benefit is hugely increased as well. It’s been reported that UK esports players could earn about £3m in prize money in 2019 on the average. And the average annual income of a professional esports athlete can be 4 million in 2024. Imagine the number was just £120,000 in 2010. That alone can tell you how big the esports industry has grown to nowadays.

Pro gamers are being paid higher and higher

In the next decade, perhaps parents will not talk their children into studying or practicing football anymore. They will give the kids a mouse, a keyboard and lead them right to the esports practicing room.


With betting on esports continue to rise without any sign to stop, many online casinos and bookmakers are offering esports matches for their consumers to bet. By doing this, both new and loyal customers can satisfy their needs of betting on esports instead of going to another website that already has esports betting features.

EveryMatrix, an iGaming software provider, has recently added esports betting to its OddsMatrix sportsbook solution. Betting companies who uses EveryMatrix’s software will now be able to offer the feature of betting on more than 50 esports competitions while punters will be able to place over 60 different types of bets. StarCraft, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty. You name the esports game, you can bet on it.

Esports Betting Introduction
You name the esports game, you can make money by betting on it

Not just that, bookies and casinos are now even offering any small bonuses for punters, old and new. If you are a new comer, 100% you will get all kinds of bonuses from the betting sites. And if you have played long enough in a betting site, that site will give you some more bonuses.

No sign showing the limit of the esports industry’s growth, so if you are an esports enthusiast with knowledge on esports, why not try yourself with betting on esports? Many esports enthusiasts are making a lot of money on this new industry


Starting from February 2019, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in China (CMHRSS) has officially recognized esports as a profession in China. That means you can put these professions in your CV: "esports operator" and "esports professional". China – the most crowded country in the world – is the first country to recognize esports as a real profession, given that this country is known to have very strict social traditions. If China can do this, will other countries follow? Most likely, we predict.

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You can put "winning an esports title" in your CV now

With many exciting things happening in esports in 2019, we suggest that you open your eyes as wild as possible and keep it that way so that you wont miss anything.