Long Awaited

The International 2019 is drawing near. We have less than 2 months left to expect the most important event in Dota 2 this year. The pro circuit has ended with EPICENTER trophy for Vici Gaming.

In the last few days, the prize pool for The International has skyrocketed with the Weekend sale bundle “bug”. With just around 2 months after release, The International 2019’s prize pool has surpassed the total prize pool of last year’s TI.

The International 2019 04
The International 2019 prize pool is impressive

To celebrate this achievement, Valve has decided to reveal the release date of Immortal Treasure II and Mo’rokai event by 5h of July. These are the long-awaited features Dota 2 fans have been looking for.

Typically, the Immortal Treasure II wouldn’t take this long to come out. It was often released only 1 month after the Battle Pass made its debut. One Immortal Treasure often includes around 10 sets of hero custom equipment along with 2 rare and 1 extremely rare cosmetic items.


Along with the announcement of 2 upcoming features, Valve also rewarded Battle Pass owners with 10 extra levels. This is intended as a celebration of breaking last year’s record. More will come if Dota fans somehow find a way to reach $30 million in the prize pool. The reward this time will be 20 extra levels to everyone’s Battle Pass.

Valve has yet to reveal any details about Mo’rokai’ but it seems like a standalone event like last year’s event Underhollow. The event seems to be exclusive for Battle Pass owner only. There are extra rewards for higher level Battle Pass owner regarding the Mo’rokai’ event at level  150 and 252.

The International 2019 01
Extra rewards for the event once you get to level 150

Valve also announced an extension in Battle Pass’ duration. We can enjoy 2 more weeks of Battler Pass after The International comes to an end.

What will come later?

Custom creeps – level 182

The International 2019 03
Last year's custom creeps

Last year’s custom creeps look a bit funny. It is quite a normal thing to expect in the Battle Pass each year. Yet people are wondering why Valve hasn’t released the feature.

Could it be another big surprise Valve is hiding from us?

Invoker Persona – level 305

The International 2019 06
The item will be rewarded to players once they reach level around 305 in Battle Pass

This is one of the most awaited features in this year’s Battle Pass. The last year’s Little Invoker featured in a video now shows up in the reward list.

It seems like another unique stylized item will be up for Invoker, the much-loved mage in the game. This year’s Axe Unleashed gave us a funny item set for Axe.

Let’s see if Valve can impress us with another item set for Invoker.