A few days ago, A-list celeb Tom Holland was supposed to join an esports team; however, the netizens then discovered that the rumor was not true.

G2 Tom Holland
Will Tom Holland sign to G2 Esport?

It worth mentioning that the piece of fake news has once again gone around on Twitter. In fact, Tom Holland just mentioned Apple’s 2021 original movie Cherry starring the English actor as the main character. He just re-tweeted the first trailer of this film.

Tom Holland was born in 1996 and started his acting career via the 2008 musical film Billy Elliot: The Musical. However, he just gained more popularity after playing the role of 12-year-old Lucas in The Impossible (2012). He rises to stardom as an A-list celeb who successfully became the youngest BAFTA Rising Star recipient at the age of 20.

It is likely that G2 Esports is aiming to promote their stage Jersey. Additionally, it may be an odd idea to combine Tom Holland with the eSport world. Although the young actor loves playing video games, becoming a new member of an Esports team is a completely different story. At least, at this time, Tom wants to focus on developing his acting career.

His net worth is now estimated at about $15M and a large amount of his income derives from his performance as Spider-Man in MCU’s superhero series. It is obvious that the tiny change eSports could offer is nothing to him.

As for G2 Esports, the Berlin-based organization may not have an intention to spend such a big amount to hire Tom Holland. It is difficult for Esports players to earn 6 figures per year while the famous actor now gets paid about $4M to $5M each movie.

It is never easy to become an Esports player because pro players always have to practice a game for many hours every day to improve their skills. Their target is often to become amongst the best players in any competition. And Tom Holland obviously has no time to follow this career.

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