Based on in-depth research, it is likely that eSports will be the industry of billion-dollar. eSports has totally changed the way people look at gamers. Below are the 14 eSports players with the highest earnings across its various divisions:

  1. Ryan Walker (“Dragon”) - Mortal Kombat - $190,000

“Dragon” is among a few who opened up a new generation for fighting games. The Mortal Kombat X player came into the pro scene in 2016 after outstanding performances in a variety of premiers and majors. However, his career was extraordinary in 2017 when “Dragon” was the EVO tournament champion, competing competitively in Injustice 2. Dragon’s most significant achievement earned in 2017 was the highest position in the podium in E-LEAGUE World Cup. He won the money prize of $ 150,000 and is now the 70th richest eSports players in America.

V Evo 2017 Injustice Dragon 760x428

  1. Guilherme Fonseca (“GuiFera”) - Pro Evolution Soccer - $211,000

From Jaú, São Paulo, “GuiFera” or Guilherme Fonseca is the face of Brazil who competes in PES. “GuiFera” was quite famous in his Brazilian community and became a shining star when placed 2nd in 2016’s PES. A year after that, he beat Ettore Giannuzzi (“Ettorito97”), an Italian player to be the best and earned himself a check of $ 200,000.

1521661573664 Guifera

  1. Adam Lindgren (“Armada”) - Super Smash Bros - $285,000

Armada is an irreplaceable piece of a puzzle of Alliance as well as a true legend of Smash Melee. Competing as Princess Peach most of the time, the Swede began to gradually shine back in 2007. He ranked 4th in the season’s largest European tournament and brought home around $ 35,000. Over time, “Armada” attended more and more tournaments and exponentially increased his income through the years. Last year, his figures were almost $ 90,000 after participating in more than 31 championships of various scales.

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  1. Spencer Ealing (“HugeGorilla”) - FIFA - $288,000

Spencer Ealing, a citizen of UK, has been making money from playing FIFA since 2015. The man was in the spotlight in many championships in European regions and became famous in the continent’ community. Last year, “HugeGorilla” made a historic conquest in the World Cup. Competing from home, he defeated Kai Wollin (“Deto”) the German by the overall score of 7-2. He was titled the best with a $ 200,000 prize. With such a glorious win, Spencer “HugeGorilla” Ealing becomes the Pro player with the highest earnings in FIFA through competitions in the UK.

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  1. Du Dang (“NuckleDu”) - Street Fighter V - $303,000

The American “NuckleDu” is known for his unique play style of offensive and fast. Being 21 years old at the moment, he is among those younger players in Street Fighter V pro scene. The representative of Team Liquid has Guile as his signature character and has collected various major titles across the globe. His most remarkable achievement was first place in Capcom Cup held in 2016. His success in Capcom Cup made him a highly prestigious player after defeating Ricki Ortiz as Chun-Li and earned $ 230,000. In November 2017, he also finished 1st place in DreamHack Montreal. The guy later gave out $ 10,000 for Hurricane Irma’ victims.

Du Nuckledu Dang Competing At Capcom Cup 2015

  1. Lee Jung Hyeog (“sake”) - Heroes of the Storm - $323,000

The South Korean player has been a force to be reckoned with since 2015, competing in Heroes of the Storm. The support player and captain have led his team MVP, Black, to achieve the highest place at World Cyber Arena in the same year. The team went on to dominate almost every tournament they entered. The most recognizable of those being World Cup 2017, which earned them $ 500,000. After the victory, the team is now named Gen.G eSports, former KSV Black.

563px Msi Sake

  1. Chen Wei Lin (“tom60229”) - Hearthstone - $341,000

Taiwanese Chen “Tom” Wei Lin is the highest paid player in Hearthstone. He started his career by joining Flash Wolves and started playing competitively 4 years ago. With immediate exceptional results coming, it was not long before Tom’s earnings became one of the tops in the division. He went on to win last year’ Hearthstone World Championship, and the Asian brought himself home $ 250,000.

600px Tom60229 Hct

  1. Dominique Mclean (“SonicFox”) - Dragon Ball Fighter Z - $449,000

If you’re into the Dragon Ball Fighter Z’ competitive scene, you probably should know about “SonicFox”. The genius - who was 20 - joined the pro scene only after competing in Injustice won Evolution 2014. By December 2016, Dominique Mclean had already won the EVO world championship 2 times and the ESL Pro League for 3 seasons in a row, ending a successful year earning $ 191,000 under his name.

Esl Mkx Sonicfox 750px

  1. Tony Campbell (“Lethul”) - Halo - $582,000

From Michigan, United States, Tony “Lethul” Campbell has been professionally competing in Halo for 8 years. In those years, he has been playing almost every game from the franchise and earned himself so many important community titles. The Halo 5 World Championships in the last 2 years have been his most profitable. The man won approximately $ 375,000 and is now the 7th highest regarding earning across America.

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  1. Read Jae-dong (“Jaedong”) - Starcraft - $628,000

Jae-dong has been playing Starcraft professionally since 2006 at the age of 16. The South Korean player has won several Asian championships and quickly on his way to being an eSports legend. In 2007, he claimed the first prize in Ever Ongamenet StarLeague 200 - one of his most remarkable titles as well as $ 42,000. 2 years later, at OSL, Jae-dong finished 3rd and received the precious trophy of “Golden Mouse”.

Jaedong Blizzcon 2014

  1. Damon Barlow (“Karma”) - Call of Duty - $687,000

Currently playing for OpTic Gaming, the Canadian Damon Barlow joined the first competition of his career in 2011. In 2013, Fariko Impact signed “Karma” and their new contract won the year’ World Championship in Black Ops 2. He went on to win 2 more worldwide titles, with an outstanding performance in WLC 2017. Damon beat EnVyUs team in Infinite Warfare and earned $150,000.

Damon Karma Barlow

  1. Gabriel Toledo (“Fallen”) - Counter Strikes: Global Offensive - $749,000

53 million USD is the total amount of prize pool distributed by all CS:GO championship awards. Gabriel Toledo, the São Paulo AWPer was the one to earn a lot from it. The captain of MiBR was so successful that he was voted the 2nd-best player across the leaderboards in 2 years ago and 4th-best last year. Fallen’s most profitable win was the victory at ESL One: Cologne 2 years ago. The victory earned him $ 100,000, which later made him the richest Brazilian eSports pro player.

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  1. Lee Sang Hyeok (“Faker”) - League of Legends - $1.17 million

Lee Sang Hyeok (“Faker”) was the midlaner for SK T1. Discovered in 2013, he started out from the second team of the organization and went on to win the world championship. Faker has done it 2 more times, and his 2016 victory earned him $ 338,000. He is the South Korean pro player who makes the most right now.


  1. Kuro Takhasomi (“KuroKy”) - DOTA 2 - $4 million

Kuro Takhasomi (“KuroKy”) is leading our list here as a living legend in the DOTA 2 world. The outstanding 25-year-old German started his career playing DotA for Mousesports in DreamHack 10 years ago. In 2017, under the roster of Team Liquid, KuroKy led his team to go through a miraculous journey and became the champion of TI7. The team became the best in the world and, “KuroKy” himself earned around $ 2.17 million. Kuro is currently the richest player in the eSports history.