2019 has gone halfway through. CS:GO scene so far has witnessed great competitions with many players doing their best to help their teams.

Here we provide you with top 5 performers at big events of 2019 thus far:

#5 Justin "jks" Savage 1.18 rating & 1.21 K/D

#4 Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski: 1.18 rating & 1.15 K/D

#3 Nikola "NiKo" Kovac: 1.22 rating & 1.21 K/D

#2 Denis "electronic" Sharipov: 1.22 rating & 1.23 K/D

#1 Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev: 1.33 rating & 1.47 K/D

  1. Justin "jks" Savage 1.18 rating & 1.21 K/D

Currently playing for the Australian squad, Justin “jks“ Savage has been named the best player in this region. Renegades has put up a high performance since the start of this year. It all started in IEM Katowice Major where “the boys” showed great performance, beating top teams like ENCE, NiP, FaZe and Vitality in a Bo3 to reach the playoff in Major. jks showed up strong, carrying his teammates with clutches and entry frags, ending up with 1.11 rating on LAN against top teams.

jks in StarSeries Season 7

The 23 years old star carried on his good performance to the next event, Star Series i-League Season 7 where he finished 3rd with 1.28 rating. Renegades had to settle for 3rd place finish where they faced the eventual champion Natus Vincere in the semi-final. The three next events saw the team member Gratisfaction missing and the Australian squad failed to produce good results.

Overall, jks stepped up many times to help his fellows gain more confidence, making Renegades a solid squad. He is ranked 5th in this year’s rating until early June.

Top 5 Best 01
The best player on the Australian server

  1. Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski: 1.18 rating & 1.15 K/D

The entry fragger for Team Liquid has been really consistent since the start of 2019. With the recent victory of Liquid in Dreamhack Master Dallas, EliGE even scooped one MVP title for himself. EliGE attended many events with his teammates, scoring an impressive result over a large span of time.

A highlight of EliGE vs. FURIA

EliGE was named the 15th best player in 2018. This year, he always got a consistent rating of above 1.0 in big tournaments, averaging a 1.18 rating and 1.15 K/D ratio.

Top 5 Best 02
The most consistent player in Liquid so far in 2019

  1. Nikola "NiKo" Kovac: 1.22 rating & 1.21 K/D

The last year’s 3rd best player managed to maintain his good performance over the first half of this year, helping his team FaZe Clan securing 2 trophies for his team. He was even awarded MVP for the BLAST Pro Series Miami where he scored a stellar rating of 1.44.

The FaZe superstar NiKo earned his well-deserved MVP title

Even though NiKo along with his all-star roster came to many events with no much success, the Bosnia and Herzegovina star devoted much to his team. He still deserves a major spot for the best 2019 players competition.

Top 5 Best 03
#3 player of 2018 still contests for his own spot in the list of 2019

  1. Denis "electronic" Sharipov: 1.22 rating & 1.23 K/D

The Russian rifler was once the main carry in the famous CIS team FlipSid3, also the cradle to the 2018’s best player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev. Electronic was hitting a dead end in FlipSid3 the whole 2017 until he was later bought out by Natus Vincere. The young rifler star has since then proved his worthy buyout when playing along with CIS veterans like Zeus and Edward and superstar s1mple.

2 stars join hands in Natus Vincere

Electronic was named the 4th best player in 2018 and still managed to carry on his good performance in 2019. Though Natus Vincere attended only a few tournaments, winning just one big event in Star Series i-League 2019, electronic put up great performance together with his AWPer s1mple. He maintained the 2nd best stats during the first half of the year, 1.22 rating & 1.23 K/D.

Top 5 Best 04
The 2nd carry in Natus Vincere

  1. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev: 1.33 rating & 1.47 K/D

The Ukrainian AWPer was renowned as the best player in 2018. His consistency coupled with his devotion for the team Na`Vi earned him his fans’ heart. Playing along with his CIS fellows, S1mple managed to put up high numbers, topping rating with 1.33 and a K/D ratio of 1.47. His stats far exceed that of any player so far in 2019.

He is still high in the top contender for the best player in 2019. It Is very likely he will earn another #1 player title this year if he keeps up this stellar performance.

The well-deserved MVP in StarSeries i-League season 7

Though Natus Vincere got #2 and #1 performance player in the scene, the team struggled to find decent results as they failed to qualify and win many big tournaments.

Top 5 Best 05
Can s1mple carry his teammates to win more trophies?

Overall, 2019 has yet to close out. There are still many trophies up for teams to grab. Let’s see if 2019 will be an interesting year indeed.