A certain amount of players will realize that the World Cyber Games was recognized as a spearheading esports competition. While this tournament has not been kept running from 2013, it is hoped to have a great return in this year when the 15th WGC is held in Xi'an in China.

Taking place between 18 and 21 July, WGC will be a great chance for gamers from everywhere throughout the world to slip upon one of the most beautiful Chinese cities in order to prevail and gain a trophy. The WCG was at first established as a sort of Olympic game for esports. Since it kept running into troubles in 5 years ago, WCG has profited from another Korean company. By choosing China the place for its comeback, the competition is hoped to be a notable esports event this year.

What would we be able to anticipate from this year's WCG?


There are already leaked details about the competition and it is expected to allow non-professional gamers also. Despite the fact that the official games presently can't seem to be known, every player should qualify in local fundamental qualifications for every nation before they are given an opportunity to contend in the WCG final round.

At first, WCG declared that they would hold invitation matches only, followed by local qualifications. However, after having some reactions and pressure from fans and officials, they decided to let amateur gamers join it too.

WCG stated that they aim for improving the world by offering euphoria and helping tackle conflicts. Such guarantees are positively significantly more driven than some different esports competitions we have, and it's intriguing to perceive how the WCG will adapt to the administrative stress from the Chinese authority.

Will Chinese authority impact the operation of the WCG?

China's administration has had a broadly stressed and contradictory relation with esports. The officials have put a colossal measure of assets in building unique 'esports town' in certain cities like Hangzhou, however, as of late we have witnessed counteractions actualized that viably restricted probably the most famous esports.

Toward the beginning of December, China' s authority supposedly prohibited titles like Fortnite and PUBG because of the hostile idea of the mentioned. Furthermore, there were preventative notes for famous games like LoL and even Overwatch for reasons running from the appearance of female characters to the absence of proper regulations in common chat rooms in these games.

Accordingly, there're huge worries about what titles will be let appear in the WCG competition. While the competition was acclaimed thanks for CS:GO and StarCraft, many concern that the WCG could just element titles that breeze through the trial of the famously strict Chinese censorship.

In spite of these worries, it would appear that authorities in Xi'an are aiming for their city to be a genuine esports center. This implies an uncommon esports group would be established to build up the business with instructional hubs and another field facilitating top-level occasions like the WCG. So while the expected WCG may appear to be somewhat unique from the normal esports competition, it guarantees to be an expertly run activity.

A vital refresh for the WCG

A lot of gamers will be happy to see the WCG come back. What started as the world's pioneering esports competition in the 2000s kept running into difficulties in 2014 when a few accomplices expressed that they experienced issues cooperating with the CEO and association.

However, with the declaration that the WCG is now controlled by Korea-based Smilegate, we can totally expect that the tournament will have a new, better beginning. The choice to have the relaunched WCG in China could turn out to be particularly sagacious as the country allegedly has well more than 600 million gamers and is an undeniably imperative competitor on the worldwide esports industry.

China recently carried out the competition in many urban areas, and by facilitating many esports events like this, it will ideally make the country progressively appealing to different esports competitions. The WCG has made no endeavor to shroud its desire as being some kind of an Olympic-styled esports with award frameworks and local qualifying systems, thus the new competition could be very much planned to help esports increase official acknowledgment from conventional donning bodies. Nevertheless, WCG is still highly expected to be successful.