The characters in Genshin Impact are very well designed. Not only do they have battle-oriented skills, but they also have skills that interact with cooking, crafting... and the like. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 most useful passive abilities in Genshin Impact for Exploration.

1. Cooking Passives

Cooking is the main way to create healing items in Genshin Impact. If players don't have a well-built healer or don't want to run one, food is the only way to get your HP up. However, cooking food requires ingredients, which cost a lot of time to gather.

Xiangling 3
Cooking bonuses are useful to have - players should use them as much as possible for efficiency.

However, with the cooking passives of various characters, players would be able to save ingredients and get more food to use. Below is a list of characters with cooking-related skills:

  • Barbara
  • Diona
  • Hu Tao
  • Jean
  • Noelle
  • Xiangling
  • Xinyan

However, not all cooking passives are equal. While the most common effect is double the yield when cooking, some skills only work on certain types of dishes like HP or Defense.

2. Animal Handling (Sayu)

Crystal flies are an important ingredient used in making condensed resin, which in turn can be used to heavily increase the rewards received from domains.

Genshin Impact New Character Sayu
Sayu is the bane of all hard-to-catch animals, especially Timmie's birds.

However, catching crystal flies can be problematic, especially for mobile players. These animals startle and flee incredibly quickly, and if you are playing mobile, they are near impossible to catch. Luckily, Sayu can deal with this issue, as she has a passive doesn't startle crystal flies. The skill also affects other small animals, which allows players to use Sayu for hunting.

3. Climbing Stamina (Xiao)

Climbing is something players do constantly in Genshin, as the game is filled with mountains and hills. This can be fairly tedious especially for new players, as they need to unlock statues of the seven to increase stamina. Running out of stamina while climbing might lead to heavy fall damage.

Build Xiao
Xiao can also boost himself up with his skills, allowing even better climbing.

However, if they have Xiao on their team, the climbing process should be a lot easier. His passive talent reduces the consumption of stamina during climbing by 20%.

4. Local Specialty Radar (Klee/Qiqi/Yanfei)

Local specialties are very important items in Genshin Impact, as they are usually ascension materials. Ascensions allow characters to unlock higher levels, stats and skills. Each character requires a certain amount of specialties from their region to level up.

Klee Loves Explosion
These characters allow players to collect ascension materials much easier.

Therefore, when going on a grinding trip for local specialties, it is best to bring Klee, Qiqi and Yanfei. The first one is for Mondstadt while the latter two are for Liyue.

5. Sprinting Stamina (Kazuha/Kaeya/Razor)

Sprinting is something players do all the time to go from point A to point B on the map faster. However, Genshin Impact's open world is huge, which can take a lot of time to get through. Furthermore, running out of stamina while reaching enemies is also not ideal.

Wandering Samurai Kazuha Genshin Impact Anime Vide
Moving long distances on the map has always been a huge pain.

Because of this, players can pick one of these three characters while sprinting around on the map. Their passive decrease sprinting stamina consumption by 20%, which allows players to run for longer. The bonus stack with spriting bonus from food, resulting in a huge overall boost.

6. Expedited Expeditions (Bennett/Fischl/Keqing/Chongyun/Kujou Sara)

Expeditions are the main method players can use to gather resources and ingredients in Genshin. By interacting with Katheryne each day, they can send characters to fetch special items ranging from meat to flowers to even Mora.

Bennett Wish Genshin Impact Fb Twitter Og
Getting all these characters allow players to get much more resources than usual.

Some characters can complete expeditions faster than others, which allows players to be more efficient and get much more resources in the long run. Bennett and Fischl only work for Mondstadt, Keqing and Chongyun for Liyue, and Kujou Sara for Inazuma.

7. Swimming Stamina (Beidou)

Swimming is one of the few things players struggled with the most in Genshin, as they drown when running out of Stamina. This sends the player back to where they started.

Beidou Genshin Impact Thumb 1639999859 30
Beidou is a ship captain and therefore very familiar with swimming.

To deal with this issue, players can pull for either Mona or Ayaka - these two characters have alternate sprints that work in water. However, if they don't have these two 5 star units, Beidou is a decent alternative with her talent that passively reduce swimming stamina consumption by 20%.

8. Offensive Boost (Tartaglia)

Childe's passive talent is pretty weird comparing to the others. Rather than offering a benefit to utility, it raises the level of each team member's normal attack talent by one.

Childe Banner Rerun
Childe's passive is pretty unique amongst Genshin Impact characters.

This can be pretty useful for players who have just received a new character from the gacha and don't have enough resources to ascend yet.

9. Gliding Stamina (Amber/Venti)

Gliding is one of the main methods to solve puzzles in Mondstadt. However, it can be a problem if players run out of stamina midway. This is especially the case with long-distance travel from the top of mountainous areas.

Venti Genshin Impact
Venti can also facilitate gliding by create an upward draft.

Therefore, whenever players want to glide effectively, switch to either Venti or Amber - their passive talents reduce gliding stamina consumption by 20%.

10. Ore Radar (Ningguang)

Ore in Genshin Impact is a general name for different types of resources, which are used to improve weapons, elevate characters, create tools and decor items for the abode in the Teapot of Serenity.

Genshin Impact Ningguang
Ningguang's talent locate the nearest ore vein for players.

If players are looking to restock their supply of ores, bringing Ningguang along might be a good idea. Her passive talent will label the nearest ore deposit on the map. Just add another claymore character to do the mining - players will find their supply of minerals increases steadily.

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