Ganyu is a Cryo Bow character in Genshin Impact. Overall, she is one of the three best Cryo DPS, with the ability to deliver rapid Cryo shots with high crit. In this article, is going to showcase a complete Genshin Impact Ganyu build guide.

1. Ganyu Genshin Impact Overview

She is a half-qilin Adeptus under contract with the Geo Archon Morax and serves as the general secretary of the Liyue Qixing.

Best Ganyu Team
Ganyu in Genshin Impact


  • High base CRIT DMG.
  • Requires next to no investment, with the ability to deal massive damage even at C0
  • Multiple AoE Skills that can deal with crowds easily.
  • Provides Cryo DMG Bonus Support for other Cryo characters.


  • Has low HP and is very squishy - players need to be careful when using her.
  • Additional party support is locked behind C1.
  • Charge levels take time to build without C6.

2. Ganyu Constellations and Talent Priority


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Genshin Impact Ganyu Build requires at least C1 for the best damage output.

Similar to other 5 star characters, Ganyu's constellations are extremely powerful. However, with the low rate, it is highly unlikely that players would ever get more than C1 or C2. The best talents of Ganyu are C1 and C4.

  • C1: Taking DMG from a Charge Level 2 Frostflake Arrow or Frostflake Arrow Bloom decreases opponents' Cryo RES by 15% for 6s.  Regenerate 2 Energy for Ganyu.
  • C4: Opponents standing within the AoE of Celestial Shower take increased DMG. This effect strengthens over time. Increased DMG taken begins at 5% and increases by 5% every 3s, up to a maximum of 25%. The effect lingers for 3s after the opponent leaves the AoE.

Ganyu only needs C1 to hit her peak as a main DPS. C4 gives her a powerful shredding ability for support/sub DPS, however, getting there would take a lot of money and luck.

Talent Priority

As Ganyu mainly deals damage using her normal and charged attacks, maxing it first is a must. Afterward, players should go for her Burst and finally her Skill. It is definitely a great idea to max out all her talents, of course, as she is a powerful DPS character.

3. How to use Ganyu effectively

Charged shots have AoE Cryo Damage

Unlike other bow users, Ganyu's Charged Shots deal AoE Cryo damage when fully charged. If you want to use her as a main DPS, try to get full charges when firing.

Ganyu Charged Shot
Ganyu's Charged Shots are very powerful

Burst, Skill, then Charged Shots Combo

Ganyu's main combo is Burst, skill then charged shots. With her Burst dealing damage over time, it is important that players place it first. Afterward, place her Skill inside the AoE to keep enemies attracted and stand inside her Burst.

Ganyu Amos Bow
It is fairly easy to execute Ganyu's combo.

Keep Ganyu inside the AoE of her Burst and charge your shots, as being inside it will buff her Cryo DMG.

4. Genshin Impact Ganyu Build

Ganyu build for Reverse Melt team Main DPS

This is the best build for Ganyu if you plan on using her in a Reverse Melt team comp.

  • Recommended weapon: Amos' Bow
  • Recommended artifact set: Shimenawa's Reminiscence x4 / Wanderer's Troupe x4

Alternatively, players can use the Thundering Pulse or Hamayumi.

Ganyu Amos Bow
Amos' Bow is a great weapon if your character focus on charged attacks.

Ganyu build for Freeze team Main DPS

This is another popular build for DPS Ganyu, which focuses on Freeze reactions with Hydro supports.

  • Recommended weapon: Amos' Bow
  • Recommended artifact set: Blizzard Strayer x4 / Wanderer's Troupe x4

Alternatively, players can use the Thundering Pulse or Prototype Crescent.

Wanderer's Troupe is just as good on Ganyu

Ganyu build for sub DPS

If players run Ganyu as a sub DPS for another character, it might be a good idea to focus more on her skill and burst.

  • Recommended weapon: Favonius Warbow
  • Recommended artifact set: Blizzard Strayer x2 + Noblesse Oblige x2/ Wanderer's Troupe x4

Alternatively, players can use The Stringless or Skyward Harp.

Favonius Warbow
Favonius Warbow is a great choice if players use her as a support.

5. Best teams for Ganyu

Overall, Ganyu is a powerful DPS character who can perform very well in both Reverse Melt and Freeze teams.

Ganyu Freeze team

  • Ganyu + Venti + Mona + Diona

Overall, this team revolves around Ganyu dealing damage by freezing enemies with Mona's support. Diona is there to provide support and Cryo resonance for even higher crit chance. Venti has the crowd control role and also swirls Cryo to reduce enemies' resistance with the Venerer set.

Shenhe Ganyu
Shenhe and Ganyu is a great duo.

Players can use Kokomi or Barbara as the team's Hydro support if they don't have Mona. However, without Mona's Burst damage, their output would be reduced. Diona can also be replaced by Shenhe for even more Cryo damage.

Ganyu Reverse Melt team

  • Ganyu + Xiangling + Bennett + Kazuha

Ganyu is the main damage dealer of the team, dealing powerful Reverse Melt triggers with Pyro application from Xiangling And Bennett. The Pyro duo also unlock Pyro resonance for a substantial damage boost.

Genshin Impact Xiangling
Xiangling can support Ganyu with her Skill and Burst.

The last slot can be pretty much anyone, with the most optimal choice being Kazuha for damage. However, players can definitely slot in anyone, from shielders like Zhongli or crowd control like Venti.

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