During the last two weeks, Free Fire has suspended over 1.08 million players for using cheats. As the game is experiencing a surge in popularity, Garena Free Fire also witnesses a rise in the number of cheaters and hackers. They use multiple third-party software to gain unfair advantages but sabotages others' gameplay on the hand.

Free Fire Anti Hacks
Free Fire is employing strict anti-hacking policies

That is why game developers are taking this problem very seriously. Every two weeks, they release a ban notice to announce the exact number of accounts banned for cheating. And the latest ban notice is here! Over the course of the last two weeks, Garena has punished a total of 10,87,223 accounts. According to the report, 48% of the cheaters are detected with support from the community.

Free Fire Bans over 1.08 Million Cheaters

Following the previous bi-weekly report, Free Fire developers explained the various cheats and hacks that players use to an unfair advantage in the game. This time, the most common cheats are Auto Aim and Teleporting with 43% and 39% of the demographic respectively.

Free Fire Characters Antonio Moco Hayato
Do NOT team up with hackers

On top of that, Free Fire also banned 48,390 accounts for intentionally teaming up with cheaters. As we have informed before, Free Fire devs had updated their anti-hack system to prevent new hacks from surfacing. They also patched up potential loopholes that the hackers could exploit.

Ban Notice Free Fire Charts
Free Fire Ban Notice

Here is a break-up of the banned accounts:

  • Auto Aim - 43%
  • Teleport - 39%
  • Antenna - 1%
  • Other Hacks - 6%
  • Through Wall - 11%
2.8 million accounts were banned in the last 28 days

Garena is taking side with honest players in a fight against hacking and cheating to provide a fair and competitive environment. In the previous bi-weekly report, Free Fire announced the suspension on over 1.3 million accounts. This takes the total number of banned accounts to over 2.3 million in just the last 28 days.