Known as a special version of PUBG Mobile for less-powered smartphones, PUBG Mobile Lite was such a big hit thanks to its amazing performance. However, as expected by many players, the graphic quality of PUBG Mobile Lite needs more improvements. Below is the list of some games that can live up to your expectation in terms of both visuals and gameplay. 

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire Pubg Mobile Lite
Free Fire is famous for its optimum productivity.

Free Fire is famous for its optimum productivity, which provides the best performance even on the most out-dated smartphones. Players, therefore, can be confident that the graphics of the game will look stunning on almost any kind of mobile screen. This feature, along with the game’s various options allowing players to create their own best game tactics, could be the main factors that make Free Fire become the most-loved title both on Google Play Store and App Store. 

Also, it is the game that is assumed to offer the most comprehensive and vivid experiences on mobile phones with unlimited hours of frantic BR action. Despite a lot of other games in the same genre, Free Fire still holds its special position in the gaming community due to its perfect visuals on most smartphones and amazing in-game experiences. 


Fortnite Pubg Mobile Lite
Fortnite is regarded as the king of battle royale games on PC and mobile.

Having an undeniably high reputation, Fortnite is regarded as the king of battle royale games on PC and mobile. Many players are quite familiar with its concept which is far different from the realistic style of PUBG Mobile. Fortnite always provides its players with its outstanding and fanciful graphics that match the game’s soft bright tone. 

Like Garena Fire, Fortnite is enhanced to operate quite smoothly even on lower-end smartphones as well. Its impressive art-style looks perfect on many screens, especially when it can make full use of resources available on powerful smartphone hardware. 

Call of Duty: Mobile 

Cod Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile is no longer a strange name in the gaming industry.

Call of Duty Mobile is no longer a strange name in the gaming industry due to its superb features and notable success. Its experience is doubtlessly smooth and incredibly perfect with the provision of the original gunplay, along with the stunning graphics. 

Like other arena shooting games, COD Mobile is equipped with a rather solid TDM Mode and numerous interesting in-game features. Furthermore, it could even have the highest level of responsiveness among FPS mobile shooters, which makes it become the predominantly famous game on smartphones.