Garena Free Fire boasts one of the biggest collections of weapons in the world of mobile gaming. Each one in the collection has its own strengths and weaknesses, serving only one purpose. But, no matter the distance, getting accurate headshots still proves to be relevant in all cases. It allows players to deal the maximum damage and take out enemies in a blink of an eye.

Free Fire Characters
Take your enemies out in a blink of an eye

So, if you want to land more headshots in Garena Free Fire, here are three weapons to look out for!

Top 3 Guns For Accurate Headshots In Garena Free Fire

#1 - SCAR

It's no surprise that the SCAR makes it to the list. It's the most balanced AR in the game, with very few changes. The gun performs well in close, mid, and even long-range combats. Its low recoil makes it super easy to use and drag headshots.

Scar Stats Free Fire
The SCAR is impeccable

Also, the gun provides a decent base damage stat of 53 at a fire rate of 61. Combine those with the high accuracy and you will see why this is the most used weapon in the entire game.

#2 - M1887

The M1887 large-caliber double-shot shotgun is a real threat at close range. With the massive damage stat of 100, it can easily take down any target with two accurate shots. And when you can lock your aim on the enemy's head, it will drop them even quicker.

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M1887 Stats Free Fire
Don't underestimate the power of the M1887

Therefore, we always recommend players picking up a shotgun like the M1887 for close-range combat. It will come in super handy in the early or late games, where you have to fight in tight spaces.

#3 - AWM

The AWM is always a reliable high-damage Sniper Rifle. And the fact that it's a rare find (only available in airdrops), makes it the ultimate choice for sniper lovers. The insane damage and accuracy of 90 that this weapon offers to players are second to none. Imagine being able to take down an enemy with full health from miles away.

There's another thing that makes this gun even more broken. For stationary targets, the AWM will take auto-headshot aims upon using a quick scope. It's something that no other weapon can do.

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