According to recent research, about 310 crore people across the world play video games, reaching up to 40% of the total global population. That means video games have become one of the most favorite entertainment forms in the world in the recent period, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile Games

To get more specific, amongst 800 crore people, the percentage of people playing video games reaches 40%. The recent research also figures out that the fastest developing segment of gamers derives from mobile devices: 50% of gamers play games on smartphones.

Additionally, among nearly 310 crore gamers, only 8% use the pro gaming consoles, although this group reportedly collects those who spend the most on games. Up to 150 crore gamers (about 48%) tend to play games on PCs or laptops. However, it worth mentioning that there are a not-small amount of gamers who use two platforms to play games: PC and console or mobile and PC.

Video Games

The research further analyzes the region with the largest amount of gamers. Accordingly, Asia collects the highest number of gamers with 142 crore paid game players. Ranked No.2, Europe has 66.8 crore paid game players while Latin America and North America have 38.3 crore and 26.1 crore gamers, respectively. For the mobile platform, the rate of users playing mobile games is listed below: 53% mobile gamers in Asia, 17% in Europe, 11% in Latin America, 7% in West Asia and North Africa, and the last, 4% in North America.

A previous study revealed that games is not just a kind of entertainment for young people because a large number of households in the United States have game consoles and 75% of such households have at least one gamer. The number of gamers has increased rapidly in a recent decade while the world has witnessed the appearance of eSports, live-streaming on Twitch, playing games via mobile devices, as well as other factors. Since 1970, playing games has had a lot of changes, from being known as a normal hobby to becoming an industry worth billions of dollars as today.

Games have kept developing year by year and even bypassed the music and cinematic industries when its revenue is as high as that of these two industries. Games now continue to welcome a large number of new gamers.

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