We first heard about Sky Squadron in May 2018, which was a 3D on-rails shooter for mobile from the same developer as the excellent arcade bullet hell title Astro Attack. At the time, the game was still in a very early stage of development, yet it already showed lots of promise.

A few months later, the developer released a couple of new trailers giving us an updated look at its game, which we’ve included below for you to check out as well. The first one shows that you’ll have an AI-controlled Wingman to assist you in battle, and the second is a footage of an in-game “Tuna Factory Raid”.

You get an AI-controlled Wingman to assist you in battle
Tuna Factory Raid

Since then, the two-person studio Trick Shot has been working hard to improve its game, giving both the combat and the mission system a complete overhaul, adding tons of action to the procedurally-generated levels. Trick Shot remained relatively quiet after that update, but now, the studio has returned with a big announcement as well as a brand new trailer for Sky Squadron. Let’s have a look at the trailer first before we move further:

So, for that big announcement, Sky Squadron has reached a state where it’s ready for an open beta. Anybody who owns an iOS device can look for the game on Testflight to have a taste at it for themselves.

Sky Squadron’s journey has been a long one indeed, but it seems the developer has made good use of all that time as everything about the game is looking incredible so far. It’ll still be quite a while before we can get our hands on the complete product, though. According to Trick Shot, it doesn’t plan to release the game until at least early 2020. Still, in the meantime, you can try the beta to see how well you like it, and of course, don’t forget to stay tuned for more updates!