The upcoming rerun banners of Childe and Yae Miko in the second phase of Genshin Impact 3.2 will feature Layla and two other old characters. Let's predict which 4-star characters will be featured then.

Predict Upcoming 4-Star Characters

Layla will surely appear in the two upcoming rerun banners. This is a new female Cryo character who is also highly anticipated in this update. Besides, some characters are also leaked to return to the game.

Layla Genshin
Layla will surely come to the game.

Based on the previous release dates of all 4-star characters and the interval until their next rerun, some characters may possibly come back to Genshin Impact.

  • High possibility

Ningguang, Chongyun, Yanfei, and Rosaria haven't appeared in any banners for about eight phases. Therefore, they have a high possibility to come back in the next phase. Besides, Thom and Heizou also have a high possibility of returning because they have been absent from six banners.

But Hoyoverse may save Thoma for Genshin Impact 3.3 because this character often goes with Ayato. Ningguang has the highest chance in this list because she often appears in Childe's banners before.

Ningguang Has The Highest Chance
Ningguang has the highest chance.
  • Medium possibility

Rosaria has a lower chance because she has the same element as Layla. It would be weird if there are two 4-star Cryo characters in one banner. But she still has a chance because Rosaria has been absent for a couple of updates.

Heizou and Fischl can be upcoming characters. The chance for Heizou can be higher than Fischl. It's because a lot of players want to unlock higher constellation levels for this new Anemo character while a lot of players unlock full constellation for this female Electro mage.

Heizou Genshin
Lots of players expect to see Heizou.

Besides, Kujou Sara and Gorou have a very low chance. Because Kujou Sara often goes with Raiden Shogun and Gorou often accompanies Arataki Itto. According to some leaks, these two 5-star characters can be rerun in Update 3.3.

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