Fading Twilight is the new 4-star bow in Genshin Impact 2.7. Players can get it for free by completing the 'Realms of Guile and War' stage of the Perilous Trail event. With its Energy Recharge sub-stat and high base attack, the bow is perfect for support characters. Furthermore, its passive skill can also be triggered off-field, which suits how supports work.

Fading Twilight stats

  • Base ATK: 565
  • Sub Stat (Energy Recharge): 30.6%

Passive Skill (Radiance of the Deeps): Fading Twilight has three states, Evengleam, Afterglow, and Dawnblaze, which increases the wielder's damage by 6%/10%/14%. At max refinement, this bonus doubled to 12%/20%/28% respectively. When attacks hit opponents, Fading Twilight will switch to the next state. This bow can change its state once every 7 seconds. The wielder can still trigger the state switch even when not on the field.

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Fading Twilight Ascension materials.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best characters for Fading Twilight bow in Genshin Impact.

1. Yelan

While Yelan has not been released officially, her whole skillset is already available in the latest Genshin Impact special program. Overall, she works fairly similar to Xingqiu, with her Burst creating a dice that releases Hydro attacks whenever the active character attack. However, due to her passive, Yelan's Burst also buff the damage of the active character, up to a whopping 50%.

1504 Genshin Impact Full List Yelan S Ascension Ma

This bonus alone makes Yelan better than Xingqiu at supporting, even if he is at C6. The Fading Twilight bow works super well on Yelan due to its good ER and the ability to be triggered by her Burst. If you are a f2p player and don't want to pull for the Aqua Simulacra, this bow is the next best thing.

2. Venti

Venti is a bow support with the ability to gather and disable enemies. Overall, while he can deal damage, players usually just slot an ER bow on him for support, as investing in his damage is not cost-effective. This is where the Fading Twilight comes in - players can occasionally switch him in to trigger the passive, giving Venti an easy DPS boost.

Venti Flying

The ER sub stat of the bow allows Venti to serve as a battery more effectively, which is usually his main role in team comps. It also enables 100% uptime on his Burst.

3. Ganyu

Ganyu is often used as a DPS/sub DPS instead of support and can benefit a lot more from an actual DPS bow. However, if players don't have anything else worth using, or are using Ganyu as a support, the Fading Twilight can definitely work. Her Elemental Skill leaves behind an Ice Lotus for 6 seconds, while her Elemental Burst deals damage over 15 seconds with a continuous stream of Cryo shards. This allows Ganyu to trigger the third state of the bow fairly easily.

Ganyu Amos Bow

4. Fischl

Fischl is one of the best off-field Electro enablers in Genshin Impact, with the ability to continuously deal electro damage while off-field using OZ. She can use most support weapons, and Fading Twilight is not an exception. Both Fischl's Skill and Burst have a long duration, more than enough to trigger the third state of Fading Twilight.

Genshin Impact Fischl And Oz

She can also use the Energy Recharge from the bow, as it gives a Burst a better uptime.

5. Diona

Diona, the budget f2p Cryo Support character, has a fairly long Burst duration of 12s. It continuously deals damage during the duration and can trigger the damage bonus of the Fading Twilight. While Diona as a character does not need the buff that much, any extra damage is still welcome, as the character has abysmal DPS.

Diona Icy Paws

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