Genshin Impact 2.7 is coming out very soon, and along with it, the new character Yelan. She is a 5 star Hydro bow user, with a skill set that fits all positions. She can either be a main DPS, sub DPS with burst, or even Hydro enabler. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 reasons why players should pull for Yelan.

1. Easy to build

With Yelan's whole skill set scaling off HP, players can finally give her all the artifacts with HP% that they dropped while farming for the perfect rolls. She also has Crit Rate as Ascension stat, allowing players to focus more on Crit DMG and HP.

Characters scale on HP is easy to build.

Currently, outside of her gacha bow Aqua Simulacra, there is no perfect bow for her. However, players can use either Favonius Warbow, Elegy for the End or Fading Twilight. If players only want to use Yelan as support, they can even skip leveling her skill and attack to focus on her Burst.

2. Team flexibility

Hydro supports are important in triggering the Vaporize reaction, one of the two reactions with the highest damage multiplier in Genshin. Before 2.7, players have only Xiangling for off-field Hydro support - Kokomi or Barbara are just not as good.


However, Yelan's burst functions the same way as Xiangling, and with her better stat, she's gonna take over his role. However, Xingqiu can still be used in Spiral abyss where players can send two teams instead of one. Yelan also works in other teams such as perma-freeze or electro-charged.

Yelan Genshin
Yelan's ability works exactly like Xingqiu.

3. Incredible off-field buffs

Yelan provides buffs to both herself and the party she's in. Her first self buff, Turn Control, increases Yelan's Max HP based on the number of Elemental Types that are present in the party. This is perfect for the National-style teams with all 4 elements.

Her "Adapt With Ease" passive boosts the damage of the character on the field when her Elemental Buff is active, increasing Yelan's support potential. For every second her Burst is active, the buff increases, with the maximum being 50% extra damage. If timed well with powerful bursts, players can deal devastating damage to enemies.

4. Good damage as Sub DPS and support

Yelan can enter a special Breakthrough State after getting switched in. It reduces her next charged shot's charge time by 80% and causes it to fire a "breakthrough barb" that deals AoE Hydro damage based on her max HP. Afterward, she can cast her ability for a chance to trigger the state again.

Featured Yelan Genshin Impact 900x506
Yelan has much better support capability than the other Hydro characters.

5. Combo with Dendro reactions

Genshin version 3.0 coming out later this summer will add the first Dendro character and Dendro reactions. One of the two reactions that were revealed is Overgrown, which is triggered by Hydro + Dendro. It causes a mushroom to spawn on the ground and blow up to deal AoE Dendro damage.

Yelan's constant Hydro application would definitely be a great way to consistently trigger Overgrown in battle.

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