Genshin Impact 2.7 is going to have two 5-star banner, Yelan (Discerner of Enigmas) and Xiao (Invitation to Mundane Life). However, players can only reach pity for one of them. In this article, Gurugamer is going to analyze Yelan vs Xiao to see which character players should pull for in the new Genshin Impact 2.7 patch.


1. Why players should pull for Yelan

Versatile skill set and easy build

Yelan is a very versatile Hydro character who can be both DPS and support with her kit. The best part about Yelan is that she is fairly easy to build around. She has Crit Rate as Ascension stat and her abilities scale based on HP. Players can just slap together some artifact with HP and crit rate and they are good to go.

1504 Genshin Impact Full List Yelan S Ascension Ma

With her first ability being a dash skill, Yelan can weave in and out of combat and reposition when needed. This is useful in both traversing the overworld and boss fights.

Powerful Elemental Burst (Xingqiu with higher damage)

Being Hydro, Yelan can trigger a number of powerful reactions such as vaporize, electro-charged and freeze, allowing her to fit in a high number of teams. Her elemental burst works more or less the same as Xingqiu, allowing the active character to trigger Hydro reactions. However, with Yelan being a 5 star with much higher stats, she can deal much more damage than Xingqiu with her burst.

As she has the same role as Xingqiu, Yelan also open up the possibility of multiple Hydro reaction teams in Spiral Abyss, likely making the challenge easier.

You already have Xiao

Players can use Xiao's whole kit at C0, and his constellations from C1-C5 do not bring any significant changes to his damage output. Therefore, getting a new character like Yelan is much more useful.

2. Why players should pull for Xiao

Xiao is a DPS who doesn't need much support

If you are somewhat new to the game and don't have a large number of characters to choose from, pulling for Xiao might be a better idea. He is a powerful DPS character who's very independent of support and reaches full power at C0. As his Burst gets removed if he is switched out, players are forced to just use him for the duration.

Xiao Elemental Burst

His AoE capability is superb, with plunging attacks that hit all enemies in a radius.

Easy to build artifacts

Players don't need to pick between options for Xiao. He is one of the few characters who has a set of artifacts (Vermillion Hereafter) designed after his own skill set. The only hurdle in building Xiao is to find a good weapon, as he performs rather poorly using a 4 star spear. Primordial Jade Winged-Spear or other 5 star spears are highly recommended.

You want to get Xiao's constellation

While his constellation is not really that good, C2 can improve Xiao's consistency by a fair bit. If you already have Xiao as main, picking up some of the constellations might be a good idea.

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