Free Fire features a character system with almost 40 characters in total. You can get characters from the in-game store using Diamonds or Gold. Each character has their own price in Diamonds or Gold. While you have to buy Diamonds with real money, you can grind for Gold in Free Fire just by playing the game.

Here in this article, we will show you the list of the top 5 best characters in Free Fire you can buy with only 8,000 Gold.


Hayato is a really popular character in Free Fire and he has a great passive ability. The lower his HP is, the more armor penetration he gains. At the max level of his skill, he has 10% armor penetration for each 10% HP loss. You can also unlock Hayato Awaken after buying Hayato.



Moco is a great character for battle royale mode. Her skill mark enemies who got shot by her for 5 seconds. Which is quite a handful, especially in Squad mode.

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Laura is one of the best characters for beginners, not only because she is cheap but because of her skill. Her skill increases your accuracy by 30% when scoped in at max level.

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Miguel's ability is just way too useful for his price and you can use him in many combos in Free Fire. His skill regains 80 EP each time you get a kill, which is a lot of healing. Combine with characters like A124 or K, you will never run out of regen.

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Paloma is a great character for people who love using the double ARs combo. Her skill allows you to carry 180 extra AR ammo without using the space in your backpack. This also makes her a great support character.

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