Kazuha, one of the top meta characters in Genshin Impact, is getting his rerun very soon during the 2.8 update. This is the biggest chance for Kazuha players to get him to C2 and non-Kazuha owners to get the character. However, building Kazuha is not that straightforward, and players can make a lot of mistakes, which makes the character ineffective. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 common mistakes players make when using Kazuha in Genshin Impact.

1. Don't build Elemental Mastery for Kazuha

Kazuha's first ascension passive allows him to buff his teammates' elemental damage based on his elemental mastery. This is the main reason Kazuha is popular in all elemental lineups, as he can boost all teammates' damage and swirl them. To make the most out of him, it is vital that players try to get the best Elemental Mastery artifact set possible.

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Furthermore, getting an EM weapon is also a must. The best 4-star weapon for Kazuha is the Iron Sting, but if players can pull in weapon banners, the 5-star Freedom-Sworn can increase his support potential greatly.

2. Using the wrong team composition

While Kazuha is indeed a versatile character, there are still teams he cannot mesh with. For example, Eula comps that focus on Physical damage or Pure Geo team that doesn't rely on elemental reactions and cannot swirl. Therefore, players should build a team around elemental damage if they are going to use Kazuha.

His kit will help spread his team's elements and sometimes even trigger their reactions.

3. Not using Viridescent Venerer x4

The Viridescent Venerer x4 set is the best for pretty much all Anemo support characters in Genshin Impact, and Kazuha is not an exception to this rule. He needs the RES reduction from the x4 piece bonus to support his team - this passive increases the damage of his swirl even further.

Iridescent Venerer E2cb
Viridescent Venerer

Not using Viridescent Venerer at all, or playing him with the 2-set just to boost his Anemo Dmg, is not recommended. It will hold back his supportive potential.

4. Not using his Plunge attack

Kazuha's elemental skill makes him hover in the air briefly. When this happens, players can press normal attack to make him perform a plunge attack. This special attack has good damage and can absorb elements, allowing Kazuha to deal 200% damage in whatever element he absorbed.

Players who aren't utilizing this Plunge Attack feature will be losing a lot of damage.

5. Using him as a main DPS

While Kazuha's damage might seem pretty high at first glance, he is not main DPS material. The character can only deal a bit of burst damage and that's about it. This is why players should focus on using him as either a sub DPS or a support, switching out after casting his whole combo.

Kazuha Elemental Burst
Kazuha Elemental Burst

However, if you are a super whale and managed to get Kazuha's Constellation 6, he can definitely serve as a main DPS. It gives him Anemo infusion for 5s after using his skill or burst, and his normal/charged/plunge attacks gain 0.2% extra damage per point of EM.

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