Free Fire is quite a competitive mobile game. Each match lasts about 15 minutes and players will have to put all their focus into it in order to fight against 49 other players and become the only survivor.

While your chance of winning mostly depends on how skillful you are at the game, there are several other important factors that give might give you some serious problems during your match, no matter how good you are.

If you have been playing Free Fire for a while, you will find these problems quite familiar, and trust me, they are the worst things that can happen during a Free Fire match. Let's dive into it and see what are the 5 things all Free Fire players are scared of the most.

1. Low Phone Battery

A battle royale game such as Free Fire will consume your battery like crazy and you can absorb into the game so much that you don't realize your phone is running out of battery until the Low Battery message appears. The worst thing is that it will happen in the middle of a fight and block your screen or your phone will simply shut down when you are about to win.

Batterylife Ft

I have learned the hard way to always fully charge my phone or bring a charger along with me so this wouldn't happen.

2. High Ping

You are playing normally, looting, and kill other players, and then suddenly you get teleported back to a random place and unable to move. When you look at the ping, all you see is a dealy red color with the "+999 ping".

Free Fire High Ping

Playing Free Fire while your network connection is unstable is such torture that you would rather quit the game because it is literally unplayable.

3. Lag

While Free Fire is designed to be playable on low-end devices, you will still encounter lag and freeze, especially when your device is heated up in a long gaming session. After, it is a battle royale with a quite large map with much information to process.

Free Fire Lag

To avoid this, you should set the game to the lowest graphics settings to trade for the smoothness. If that doesn't work, you can try using GFX tools to further optimized the game to fit your device.

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4. Parents calling for dinner

Parents will never understand that you cannot pause in the middle of the game and they don't really want to understand. If they want to do something, where it is dinner, chore, work, they will make you do it, doesn't matter if you are 1 kill away from a Booyah.

Garena Free Fire
If you had better go if your parent is calling

There is no solution to this problem and if there is, I and many other Free Fire players have never figured out what it is.

5. Incoming Message/ Phone call

You got the aim on your enemies and are about to finish them and then a message suddenly pops up on the top of your screen and you press on it instead of the aim button, bringing you out of the game. You try to switch back to your game as fast as possible but only to find out that you are dead already.

phone call while gaming

A phone call is even worse because it will shut down the game right away without doing anything. Plus, you have to pick up the phone to see what it is about and that might be game over for you.