The Arcade subscription service by Apple since its launch has had several exclusive games created just for the platform alone. Even after the new gaming platform from Apple took off, the regular App Store games section continues to be a major hub of gaming for iPhone/iOS users.

iphone app store games
See what's new on the App Store this week

If you are one of those people who enjoy gaming on an iPhone or any iOS device you have, we have put together a list of games trending this week on the App Store. You probably have all of these games installed on your phone, but in case there's any game out there that you missed, feel free to browse our list:

Choices: Stories You Play

iphone game choices
Choices: Stories You Play

This game is for those who enjoy a narrative-driven interactive style with a lot of reading in gaming. There are plenty of options to choose from, including anything from drama to horror to romance, etc. Furthermore, Choices receives frequent updates to the stories you can play out. You can also use character customizations for each of your playthroughs. It is available as a free-to-play game on the App Store.

Episode - Choose Your Story

iphone game Episode - Choose Your Story
Episode - Choose Your Story

Here is another narrative-driven game with interactions that has been trending on the App Store. The player has full control over how to proceed and whatever happens next depends on the choices you make, meaning choices and consequences matter the most. Like Choices, Episode has a variety of topics for you to choose from including adventure, drama, and romance. One cool thing that stands out in Episode is the ability to make our own stories and either play them or share them. You can also customize your avatars and so on.

The Sims Mobile

iphone game The Sims Mobile
The Sims Mobile

Very few game franchises have been as genre-defining as The Sims. The mobile version of The Sims has most of the features that you would expect from the most well-known life-simulation franchise of all time. You create your own characters, families, become a house designer, customize a whole town, and so on. And that's just to start the game. Gameplay allows you to control your sim, which is what the characters are called, in any way you want. Decide whether to let them fulfill their career, make friends, fall in love, become wicked, and much more.

If you haven't had The Sims on your iPhone already, now is the time to get it for free on the App Store.

Raanaa - The Shaman Girl

iphone game ranaa
Ranaa - The Shaman Girl

The game is about a story of a Goddess who gives souls to babies and has been captured by another vengeful god, and your job is to free her. The Goddess, whose name is Máttáráhkka, cannot bring forth new babies unto the world if the God of Pestilence, Rohttu, traps her inside a mountain on a floating island. If new babies do not come to the world, humanity will eventually go under. A shaman girl named Ranaa must now find a way to rescue the Goddess from Rohhtu's clutches.

This cute, colorful game with a story inspired by the indigenous Sami people of Norway is certainly worth trying on your iPhone.

Alice Legends

iphone game alice legends
Rebuild Wonderland in Alice Legends

Here, you take on the Queen of Hearts by collecting cutesy Wonderland characters in this colorful Rummy battle game. Your task is to defeat minions of the Queen and earn magic pages and redesign Wonderland as you see fit. There are special powers available that help you explore the world of Alice Legends filled with adorable hand-drawn characters.

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