This is probably the best time to game on your iOS devices, as Apple is delivering a solid stream of great mobile games to your iOS devices. However, you should save some of that space to get Bastion – the 2011 masterpiece from Supergiant Games is currently free for a limited time.

The original, Warner Bros. published iOS version was delisted from the App Store last week. To replace it, an updated version just showed up on the iOS Store, published by Supergiant. The best thing is that the game is currently given away free of charge until 2019 end – everyone who downloads right now would be able to keep it.

Bastion Gameplay
The combat in this game is in real-time, top-down RPG style

After downloading Bastion from the App Store, you would need to unlock the full version of the game in the Options menu. As the game boot directly to the beginning of the game, without any kind of menu screen, you would need to wait for a few seconds until the wrench/hammer icon appears on the upper right corner. Click on it, then select the button named “Unlock $0.00”. Bastion is now added to your game library on iOS forever.

Creative combat optimized for mobile devices

In this game, you would step inside the shoes of the Kid, a junior adventurer going on a fantastic journey, narrated by a mysterious old man called Rucks. Throughout the game, you would fight and carve a path through enemies' infested levels that occurred on a floating land that continuously assembled as you go. The final goal is to get the magical cores that protect the city of Caelondia before everything is destroyed by the Calamity, a world-ending event. This game is amongst the highest-rated ever on Steam, with an impressive 9/10 score given by many video game reviewers.

Rebuild every building in the city

Other works of Supergiant like Transistor, Pyre and Hades are all critically acclaimed, with the last one currently in Early Access. Interested in more of our video games related posts? Please check out this article for a horror game called Forgotten Memories.