PUBG Mobile is the most popular game in India at the moment. Thanks to it, the Esports scene in India has grown stronger than ever with many gaming streamers and Esports tournaments. However, PUBG Mobile also has been the cause of dozen of suicide and violent cases.

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PUBG Mobile helped the Esports scene in India grow

In Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam, a boy has killed himself by drinking poison at his own house after his family members criticized him for playing too much PUBG Mobile. According to New Port Police Inspector Raghu, the boy named Boyi Lohith. He was a 10th class student in a school at Pedagantyada in Andhra Pradesh.

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Boyi Lohith, the teen who suicided using poison

On 20 August, Triveni, Lohith's mother, was so mad that she shouted at him for playing the game and took away his phone. Feeling upset over it, the boy poured insecticide into a glass of water and drank it. His parents took him to a private hospital at Sheila Nagar immediately after they found out. After three days of staying there, the boy was transferred to King George Hospital. However, his condition just kept getting worse and he died 14 days later on Monday night.

While the boy died on Monday, not until Wednesday did Lohith's uncle Puli Suri Reddy report the incident to the police. The New Port police have registered this case and are working on the investigation.

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The man who murdered his father because of PUBG Mobile

In the most recent news, in Kakti village, a 21-year-old man beheaded his own father, who was 61 years old, for not giving him money to play PUBG Mobile.