Costumes are the main method that Garena uses to make money in Free Fire - unlike weapon skins, they don't give any gameplay bonuses at all. There are 5 rarities: Gold- Legendary, Pink– Epic, Blue– Rare, Green– Uncommon, and Grey– Common.

In this article, we would list out every method that you could use to obtain a costume in Free Fire.

1 - Paid methods


1 7

Incubator is the most special slot machine in Free Fire - it features some of the strongest skins in the game. To get the skins, you need Evolution Stones and Blueprint, which can be gained by spinning or exchanging old Bps for new ones. Evolution stones can also be acquired through Elite Pass and topping up. Incubator skins return eventually.

Elite Pass

2 6

You can unlock 2 skins in every Elite Pass - they would never return after the season concludes.

Magic Cube

3 5

This store lets you exchange 1 magic cube for an older set that was released previously. Magic cubes can be earned through events, special challenges, Incubator or Elite Pass Bonus Chest. They rarely reset.

Web events

4 5

These are special events that require you to spend diamonds and a lot of luck to get a skin package. Most also come with high discounts so it might be a good idea to top up during this event.

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Diamond Royale

5 4

This is the main method of getting a costume with money in Free Fire - the Diamond Royale is simple: you spend diamonds to spin the wheel. The more you spin the higher the rate of getting rare prizes.

Faded Wheel

6 5

Faded Wheel is a diamond royale but with a much smaller pool of prize. It is very popular with fans, as the first spin usually only costs 9 diamonds.

Special offers

7 3

These special offers can appear after the player completed a game - they are completely random, with the only concrete thing being their diamond cost. Special offers disappear after 24 hours.

2 - Free methods

Gold Royale

11 1

Gold Royale is a luck royale requiring either Gold Royale Vouchers or Gold to spin. It works similar to diamond royale but uses a different currency.

FF tokens

12 2

The FF token redeems store is for exchanging FF tokens acquired through spinning or as compensation for getting too many dupes of a prize.

Challenge events

13 2

Free challenge events can appear from time to time so that you could unlock free cosmetics.

Gifting crates

14 2

Friends can give you cosmetic crates - these can result in costume sets.

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Character-exclusive bundles

15 2

Some characters have costumes that can be acquired at level 5 or after awakening,

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