In South Korea, Nexon has held an event promoting Traha, the company’s flagship MMORPG as well as announced more information about the game’s upcoming launch.


“A trailer featuring Chris Hemsworth as the starring role has been released.

Traha, created by Moai Games, is now available for pre-registration and the official iOS and Android launch is going to take place this mid-April. The global version is expected to be released soon, but currently there is still no schedule from the manufacturer. A trailer featuring Chris Hemsworth as the starring role has been released. In the trailer, the actor inspires the player to become “God”. He said, “You think you’re up for the challenge, you won’t believe what you’re about to see”.

“Traha – Hero’s story pre-registrational trailer”

We will summarize some details revealed in the media event:

  • Pre-registration for Traha has commenced in South Korea. Thereafter, a Character Name Reservation campaign will take place on this 21 March (because we all know how hard it is to name your character in an MMO, and the good ones are always taken), followed by the official release on 18 April for iOS and Android devices.
  • In South Korea, the game rating process is of paramount importance since it determines the kind of services as well as goods that can be incorporated in-game. Through this process, Traha is considered as a 15+ mobile game.
  • Various artwork demonstrates that there are two opposing factions in the game and the players have to choose one to side with. It is revealed that in case one party is too powerful compared to the other, there would be some systems interfering.
  • Traha’s developers utilize Unreal Engine Four with the goal of making a high-end “proper MMORPG” as well as high-quality graphics. The team focuses on sustaining a robust game economy and there will be regular updates.
  • The MMORPG will be more than 5GB, supports both Vulcan API and Android 64-bit. It will be operated on systems which start from iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7.


Traha is getting an official release on 18 April for iOS and Android devices.”

  • One of the most significant features of the game is its Infinity Class system, which allows characters to alter their classes by changing the weapons. At present, there are six weapons consisting of Dual Swords, Great Sword, Mace+Shield, Bow, Staff, and Fists.
  • Besides, an in-depth customization establishment is likewise an important feature although it is quite standard these days.
  • The team has confirmed that with their system, players will not have to start a completely new character when new weapons are introduced to be able to try them. This basically confirms that they are working on at least a few additional weapons besides the ones that are already present in the game.
  • This system also permits players to design a varying amalgamation of characters, a hybrid healer, for instance.
  • The team declared that manual combat and automated combat are great ways for the player to “speed up growth”, in which the former will give players two to three times more points than the latter.
  • The team developed four professions (living skills) and will allow players to upgrade all of them.
  • The auction house, a system which is based on server, is shared by both factions. This means all the items put up for sales will be accessible no matter which side you choose to align with.
  • In-game gold is the only currency which is allowed to exchange in the auction houses. Diamonds (premium currency) are not permitted.
  • Updates for the game will be released in Episodes, which is pretty standard for MMORPGs.
  • The team is going to establish a “Premium Club” for players frequently creating content including fan art, strategy guides, etc. in the South Korea market.
  • Instead of seeking topups, Traha is aimed to serve as a long term service for players.