A study has found that playing mobile games is actually one of the more popular ways to relieve stress amongst women, therefore, helping them to refresh their minds from the pressure of continuous work or daily household chores.

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Women are more active gamers than men

Generally, games are more appealing to males than females. However, updated research done by a related magazine has reported that mobile gaming is not constrained by a particular gender anymore. Specifically, on the contrary to common social perspectives, many women nowadays are active mobile game players, and they are even more energetic than males in playing mobile games, seeing that they visit those on their mobile devices quite often weekly.

According to a survey program, the result showed that out of 2,000 mobile phone users surveyed, up to 95% of women said that they very enjoy playing mobile games while the figure for men is lower, at 86%.

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Women take interest in mobile games due to the impact from their friends, spouses, and ads from social networks

Additionally, 75% of the participants surveyed spent about two hours playing mobile games, and the figure for women is 78%, which is still higher than males (72%) whereas those who joined mobile games regularly in a week accounted for 33%.

From the numbers reported, we can infer that some common facts attached to mobile games are not true as women are truly active gamers. Overall, women are really into several unique mobile games, especially they prefer free games to in-app purchases.

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Women from different age groups enjoy playing mobile games

Hyper-casual games are women’s favorite genre, although they are usually underrated. But to those working as a gaming developer, this group can stand for a profitable opportunity, said Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group, CMR. There are some factors that can explain women’s participation in mobile games such as the influence coming from their fellows, peers, spouses or even advertisements on social media.

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PUBG is female gamers' favorite game on smartphone

Ranging from professional gamers who take advantage of the breaks at work or the commuting time to play games, to women enjoying the games at their home among household chores’ break times, to the elderly females who still get themselves updated with the technology advance. All-in-all, this indicates that the demography of female mobile gamers extends among different age groups, Satya Mohanty, Head-User Research Practice, CMR, reported in a statement.

Top 4 most-played games for females gamers in India are PUBG Mobile (45%), followed by Candy Crush (39%), Clash of Clans (22%) and Word Puzzles (22%).

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