Genshin Impact Rainbow Rose is a new local specialty in Fontaine. This flower is an important character-level ascension for characters from the Land of Hydro. Let's check out all locations and sources of this flower here.

I. Rainbow Rose Locations

You can find tender pink rainbow rose flowers all around Fontaine. There are 73 rose flowers in the wild to pick. You can only find it above ground. This flowering plant does not grow underwater. Here are all Rainbow Rose locations in this country.

Genhin Rainbow Rose
Learn how to get Rainbow Roses in Genshin Impact here.

#1. North of Fontaine

There are 32 flowers around the Court of Fontaine and 14 flowers around the Marcotte Station and Fountaine of Lucine. Go to the following locations to farm this flower in th North of Fontaine.

  • The grassland under the Port at the entrance of the City;
  • The mountainous areas in the Northwest of the City;
  • In the North and South of the Teleport Waypoint in the Marcotte Station;
  • Around the Fountaine of Lucine.
Rainbow Locations In The North
Most of the Rainbow Rose flowers can be found in the North of the current map.

#2. South of Fontaine

You can find 27 Rainbow Rose flowers in the South of Fontaine.

  • In the south of the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi;
  • On the small lone island in the south of the previous location;
  • Around the village with two houses in the South of the Beryl Region;
  • On the way from the boiling-water lake and the normal lake surrounded by serpent's skeleton in the South of Elynas.
Rainbow Locations In The South
You can find lots of Rainbow rose flowers around the Beryl Region.

These roses will respawn after 48 hours. Use the Adventurer's Handbook or Treasure Compass to locate this flower on the minimap. It's easier to farm this flower during the daytime.

II. Other Sources Of Rainbow Roses

You cannot purchase Rainbow Rose flowers from any shop in Fontaine. But you can grow it on Luxuriant Glebe fields in your Teapot Realm and harvest it after 70 hours. Let's equip the Seed Dispensary gadget to collect its seeds while picking them in the wild. It's a great way to save Realm Currencies for other uses.

You can purchase only two Luxuriant Glebe fields from the Realm Depot. If you do not have the Seed Dispensary gadget to collect the seeds, you also buy Rainbow Rose seeds from this shop. Each pack costs up to 5 Realm Currencies.

Grow Rainbow Locations
You can grow Rainbow Roses in the Serenitea Pot Realm.

III. How To Use Rainbow Roses

The Rainbow rose is the essential material for Lyney's ascension. You need up to 168 roses for the maximum ascension. Therefore, you have to farm these roses in at least three trips around Fontaine and the Serenitea Pot.

You may need more Rainbow Roses in upcoming updates when more Fontaine weapons and characters are released. Moreover, these pink flowers also help decorate your Realms. Grow it and make a beautiful flower garden in your own world.

Genhin Impact Rainbow Rose
You have to use Rainbow Roses to ascend Lyney.

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