Free Fire's October would end with two events at the same time - Diwali and Halloween. In this article, we would discuss the event rewards that you are going to receive during these two events and the method to acquire them.

1 - Free Legendary Gun Skins

Garena is going to give away 4 free legendary elemental gun skins: Water Elemental SCAR, Flaming Red AK, Scorching Sands M4A1 and Lightning Strike MP40.

Water Elemental SCAR: Damage ++, Accuracy +, Range -


Flaming Red AK: Damage ++, Range +, Magazine -

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Lightning Strike MP40: Damage +, Magazine ++, Reload -

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Scorching Sands M4A1: Fire rate ++, Damage +, Magazine -

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All the above skins are pretty much in the top 5 or maybe even top 3 for best skins for their respective guns... and all the guns are super popular as well - you definitely must not miss this event. You can only get one out of the above prizes, of course - choose wisely.

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2 - Free Emotes

3 emotes would be given away for free in this event: Moon Flip, Shake with Me and Party Dance

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Overall, Moon Flip is the best emote amongst them, as both Shake with Me and Party Dance has been available for free before.

3 - Free Bundles

This new bundle can be obtained by airship drops or killing opponents in-game and therefore going to be pretty rare.. It has a total of 5 pieces and would definitely increase the value of your account.

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4 - Magic Cubes Drops

In this event, after 30 to 40 games, the game would give you one magic cube.

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5 - Diamond Royale

A new "Mutant" Diamond Royale would be available for purchase - when equipped, your character would get big glowing purple right arm.

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