With an incredible record of 1.5 million concurrent users, Among Us has emerged as a phenomenon in the lengthy history of mobile games. Developed by InnerSloth, this so-called big hit now has to deal with such a massive number of players while servers always get overloaded. In case you’re struggling to find out how to fix Among Us disconnected from server, then look no further.

Among Us Disconnected From Server

How To Fix Among Us 'Disconnected from the server' Error

As reported by tons of players around the globe, they often encounter the “Disconnected from the server” issue soon after they join a game. In a nutshell, the error prevents players away from taking part in any Among Us game while booting them out immediately with a pop-up message.

Among Us Disconnected Popup

There’re different reasons for this problem, in most cases, it’s due to that the servers are facing off against technical hiccups. If you’re really in this situation, don’t try to do anything because the servers are unable to handle a massive influx of players at a time. You can read InnerSloth’s tweet here:

Among Us Disconnected From Server Innersloth

Another important thing you should take into account is whether or not your game is entirely up to date. Once done, check your internet connection to make sure that it’s working properly. If you’re still able to surf the Internet or experience other online games smoothly, the error undoubtedly derives from the Among Us servers.

After all, it’s worth following the official Twitter of InnerSloth to keep up with the latest news as well as upcoming updates in a timely manner.

Best Settings To Use In Among Us

During the process of creating an Among Us game, the host will need to select several in-game settings. Some options may favor the Crewmates, while a fair share of them gives an advantage to Impostors. Needless to say, we always want to design a mix of options that caters to both parties, thus resulting in a balanced game rather than throwing the friends into unfair competitions.

For an eight-player game, here’re some of the highly recommended settings to use in Among Us:

Imposters 2 (for 8+ players) Kill Cooldown 22.5s to 30s
Confirm Ejects Off Kill Distance Short
Number of Emergency Meetings 2 Visual Tasks On
Emergency Cooldown 20 seconds Common Tasks 1
Player Speed 1.25x Long Tasks 2
Voting Time 60 seconds to 120 seconds Short Tasks 2
Crewmate Vision 1.5x to 1.75x
Imposter Vision 1.5x to 1.75x

Among Us Best Settings

To edit the options, you should uncheck the recommended settings box in advance. You can also use the default settings, but it tends to feel a bit off, according to many players. Keep reading to find out why we selected the aforementioned options.

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Confirm Ejects

Confirm Ejects is available in any games that have two or more Impostors. The game will reveal whether or not an ejected player was an Impostor, so turning off this feature will make it more interesting for all as the crewmates will never know the number of Imposters remaining in their spaceship.

Among Us Confirm Ejects

Emergency Meetings

Two Emergency Meetings may be the most suitable choice for a match with around 8 players, considering that people are caught spamming this feature too frequently. That said, one meeting seems not enough because crewmates need another to use in the end game to discuss the potential impostors. If you play as a crewmate, you should call a meeting right after catching sight of dead bodies.

Among Us Emergency Meeting

Emergency Cooldown and Kill Cooldown

Setting the Kill Cooldown slightly longer than Emergency Cooldown appears to be a smart idea when crewmates can call an Emergency Meeting before anyone else gets knocked down by the Impostors.

Player Speed

As per tons of long-time players, the default Player Speed is just too slow, so feel free to turn it up and make the game more enjoyable.

Discussion Time

Thirty seconds may be a standard time period for people to get some information across. In case the game has more than ten players, the host should increase in accordance with that game.

Among Us Discussion

Visual Tasks

Like Confirm Ejects, Visual Tasks is a relatively new addition to Among Us. Once enabled, this option makes some stuff visible to Crewmates. For instance, those doing tasks like turrets or the med bay will allow others to know he's not an Imposter at all and prove his innocence. However, he can easily fall prey to the Imposters as well!


Tasks are mostly personal preference, but we prefer having one common, two long, and two short tasks. You can try experimenting here to see what works best for your group of players. Having two short tasks makes the game more fun at the beginning of the game. As players begin to feel safer, they can start on some long tasks.